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Vote Series II – November 8, 2023

Gaetz (R-FL) – Amendment No. 54 – Prohibits funds from being used for the acquisition of property for a new Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters

YEAS: 145

NAYS: 273


Harshbarger (R-TN) – Amendment No. 63 – Prohibits funding for the White House Gender Policy Council

Y 205
N 211

Ogles (R-TN) – Amendment No. 84 – Prohibits funds from being used to finalize, implement, or enforce the proposed rule titled “Upholding Civil Service Protections and Merit System Principles,” which would prohibit a future administration from reinstating President Trump’s Schedule F policy for Federal employees

Y 198
N 221

Ogles (R-TN) – Amendment No. 87 – Prohibits funds to finalize the Federal Labor Relations Authority’s proposed rule entitled “Miscellaneous and General Requirements” (87 Fed. Reg. 78014) which would restrict federal employees’ ability to opt out of membership in a labor union

Y 196
N 223

Rosendale (R-MT) – Amendment No. 91 – Cuts funding to the Consumer Product Safety Commission by 50%

Y 142
N 277

Rosendale (R-MT) – Amendment No. 92 – Prevents funds from being used for the Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Y 208
N 212

Salazar (R-FL) – Amendment No. 95 – Prohibits funds from being used to produce official documents containing the term “latinx” or “latin-x”

Y 222
N 198