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Vote Series I – Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Schweikert (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 43 –  Increases and decreases funding by $1 million for the Veterans Benefits Administration to provide support for utilizing AI to expedite claims

Y 333
N 70

Schweikert (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 44 – Increases and decreases funding by $10 million to conduct a study on the benefits of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline oversight, mitigate and reduce fraud, and improve data accuracy and financial management practices at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) 

Y 392
N 11

Steube (R-FL), on the behalf Self (R-TX) – Amendment No. 45 – Prohibits the VA from using its funds to pay bonuses to senior executives in the VA Central Office

YEAS: 237

NAYS: 169


Democrat Motion to Recommit H.R. 8580

Y 199
N 207

Passage of H.R. 8580 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies
Appropriations Act, 2025

Y 209
N 197