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Vote Series I – Tuesday, April 17th, 2024

LaLota (R-NY) – Amendment No. 3 – Clarifies that Sec. 2 shall not limit a governmental entity’s ability to obtain information that would be obtainable without a warrant

YEAS: 176

NAYS: 246


Passage of H.R. 4639 – Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale 

YEAS: 219

NAYS: 199


Passage of H.R. 6046 – Standing Against Houthi Aggression Act

Y 285
N 135

Passage of H.R. 4691 – Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act 

Y 278
N 141

Passage of H.R. 5947 – To provide for the rescission of certain waivers and licenses relating to Iran, and for other purposes

Y 259
N 160

Passage of H.R. 6323 –“To modify the availability of certain waiver authorities with respect to sanctions imposed with respect to the financial sector of Iran”

Y 271
N 147