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Vote Series I

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Washington, July 1, 2020 | comments
Adoption of Graves (R-MO) En Bloc Amendments #6 - 5 minutes per group
Y   179 N   241

Adoption of Foxx (R-NC) – Amendment No. 1 - Eliminates the requirement that all laborers and mechanics working on federal-aid highway and public transportation projects shall be paid wages at rates not less than the locally prevailing wage rate - 5 minutes per group
Y   147  274

Adoption of Tlaib (D-MI) – Amendment No. 3 - Adds $4.5 billion per fiscal year for 5 years for comprehensive lead service line replacement projects. Priority will be given to entities serving disadvantaged communities and environmental justice communities (with significant representation of communities of color, low-income communities, or Tribal and indigenous communities, that experience, or are at risk of experiencing, higher or more adverse human health or environmental effects) - 5 minutes per group
 240 N   181
Ten minutes of MTR debate

Republican Motion to Recommit on H.R. 2 - 5 minute per group
 224  193
Passage of H.R. 2 - INVEST in America Act - 5 minutes per group
Y   233 N   188
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Thursday: No votes are expected in the House

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