Amendments to H.R. 2500 - NDAA

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Washington, July 12, 2019 | comments
Smith, Adam (D-WA), Gabbard (D-HI), Schiff (D-CA), Speier (D-CA), Cisneros (D-CA), Crow (D-CO), Engel (D-NY), Panetta (D-CA), Khanna (D-CA) – Amendment No. 1 - Increases oversight and transparency of civilian casualties
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Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #1
Speier (D-CA)
– Amendment No. 2 - Clarifies policies affecting career paths for military service academy graduates

Brown (D-MD), Pappas (D-NH), Escobar (D-TX), Lieu (D-CA) – Amendment No. 4 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to produce a report on the number of certain waivers received by transgender individuals

Speier (D-CA), Escobar (D-TX), Hill, Katie (D-CA), Haaland (D-NM), Pressley (D-MA), Chu (D-CA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Schakowsky (D-IL), Brownley (D-CA), Khanna (D-CA) – Amendment No. 5 - Clarifies the contraception coverage parity provision in the bill text to ensure all methods of contraception approved by the FDA are covered by TRICARE without copay, including contraceptive counseling, insertion and removal

Speier (D-CA) – Amendment No. 7 - Removes an exemption that would exclude federal civilian employees from representation in negotiations of career path requirements for the defense acquisition workforce

Speier (D-CA), Meadows (R-NC), Khanna (D-CA) – Amendment No. 8 - Places limitations on the issuance of nonrecurring cost waivers to certain Foreign Military Sales customers. Requires Defense and State Department reports on reforms on various aspects of the Foreign Military Sales enterprise

Gabbard (D-HI), Haaland (D-NM), Moulton (D-MA) – Amendment No. 13 - Expands access to infertility treatment to all service members

Meeks (D-NY), Beatty (D-OH) – Amendment No. 15 - Prohibits the Secretary of Defense from naming a DOD asset after a person who served or held a leadership position in the Confederacy, a city or battlefield made significant by a confederate victory

Cunningham (D-SC), Clyburn (D-SC) – Amendment No. 16 - Authorizes the Coast Guard to establish a Coast Guard Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program at Lucy Garrett Beckham High School in Charleston County, South Carolina

Clark, Katherine (D-MA) – Amendment No. 18 - Prohibits the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from using the fact that a veteran’s income derives from a State legalized marijuana industry as a factor in determining whether to issue a VA home loan

Sherman (D-CA) – Amendment No. 22 - Prevents funds from being spent on the production of a Nonproliferation Assessment Statement with a country that has not signed an Additional Protocol agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Engel (D-NY) – Amendment No. 28 - Preserves Congressional review of arms export licenses by restricting the President’s emergency export authority under the Arms Export Control Act to situations in which defense items are transferred only within 90 days of an emergency determination and to limit use of an emergency determination to approve overseas manufacturing or coproduction of defense items to extensions or renewals of existing licenses.

Engel (D-NY), Sherman (D-CA), Chabot (R-OH), Deutch (D-FL), Wagner (R-MO), Cicilline (D-RI), Spanberger (D-VA), Meadows (R-NC), Castro (D-TX), Omar (D-MN) – Amendment No. 30 - Limits military to military cooperation between the US military and the Burma Army, applies sanctions to perpetrators of human rights abuses including against the Rohingya, encourages reform in the military-dominated Burmese gemstone sector, and calls for a determination of crimes perpetrated against the Rohingya, and authorizes support for preservation of evidence and transitional justice efforts

McNerney (D-CA) – Amendment No. 36 - States that a pay raise for military personnel shall take effect on January 1, 2020, even if the president attempts to change it

Keating (D-MA) – Amendment No. 41 - Authorizes funds for a pilot program to support nonprofits operating on bases to providing food, clothing, and related assistance to active duty personnel

Huffman (D-CA) – Amendment No. 42 - Amends Section 2831 to restrict any energy sourced from Russia and repeals another Section from FY19 NDAA dealing with preference for domestic sources at one specific European base

Aguilar (D-CA) – Amendment No. 51 - Expands the types of associate degrees and certifications covered by the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account program

Aguilar (D-CA) – Amendment No. 52 - Calls for budget officials from the Department of Defense, Office of Management and Budget, and National Nuclear Security Administration to be present at Nuclear Weapons Council and Standing and Safety Committee meetings, thereby ensuring budgetary concerns are taken into account when decisions are made

Aguilar (D-CA) – Amendment No. 53 - Expands the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program (formerly known as the Information Assurance Scholarship Program) to include students attending certificate programs that span 1 to 2 years

Aguilar (D-CA), Porter (D-CA) – Amendment No. 54 - Codifies existing practice at DOD to debrief veterans during TAP counselling on how to file claims and where to send paperwork when they transition out of the military

Allred (D-TX) – Amendment No. 55 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to increase Basic Operational Medical Research Science by $5 million for the purpose of partnering with universities to study brain injuries

Allred (D-TX) – Amendment No. 56 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to increase University Research Initiatives by $5 million for the purpose of studying ways to increase the longevity and resilience of infrastructure on military bases.

Armstrong (R-ND), Courtney (D-CT), Meadows (R-NC), Hice (R-GA) – Amendment No. 57 - Directs the SECDEF to include the names of the seventy-four crew of the USS Frank E. Evans killed on June 3, 1969 on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Arrington (R-TX) – Amendment No. 58 - Inserts text that requires Secretary of the Air Force to make available and conduct military type certifications for light attack experimentation aircraft as needed

Bacon (R-NE), Brown (D-MD), Cisneros (D-CA), Lamb (D-PA), Taylor (R-TX), Panetta (D-CA), Conaway (R-TX), Lamborn (R-CO) – Amendment No. 59- Authorizes senior officials of the armed forces to endorse and participate in activities of charitable foundations that support the armed forces service academies.

Bacon (R-NE), Taylor (R-TX), Panetta (D-CA), Lamb (D-PA) – Amendment No. 60 - Authorizes Department of Defense civilian academic faculty at covered institutions to retain copyright for scholarly works completed outside of their assigned instructional duties

Bacon (R-NE), Fortenberry (R-NE) – Amendment No. 61 - Authorizes an increase to Air Force procurement to replace RC-135 training and ground mission equipment destroyed in recent storms

Banks (R-IN) – Amendment No. 62 - Mandates that the General Counsel of the Department of the Army begin a preliminary inquiry to investigate the burial of Jack Edward Dunlap at Arlington Cemetery

Banks (R-IN), Roe (R-TN), Bilirakis (R-FL), Radewagen (R-AS), Watkins (R-KS), Bost (R-IL), Barr (R-KY), Meuser (R-PA), Lee, Susie (D-NV), Lamb (D-PA), Brownley (D-CA), Luria (D-VA), Allred (D-TX), Pappas (D-NH), Cisneros (D-CA), Roy (R-TX), Takano (D-CA), Bergman (R-MI), Levin, Mike (D-CA), Rose, Max (D-NY), Dunn (R-FL), Sablan (D-MP) – Amendment No. 63 - Requires the Department of Defense, Coast Guard, and the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop jointly a comprehensive enterprise interoperability strategy, 180 days after enactment, to achieve nine goals, principally interoperability sufficient for seamless health care with TRICARE providers and community care providers under the MISSION Act. Additionally, defines the term “interoperability.”

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 64 - Requires DoD to do a study on extending the parent's level of TRICARE health coverage to their newborn child.

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 65 - Increases DoD funding to partner nations to help them prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats and infectious disease before they come to the U.S. by $20 million to match DoD Approps.

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 66 - Requires report on defense cooperation between U.S. and India in the Western Indian Ocean

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 67 - Requires a report on the implementation of the Global Health Security Strategy and the National Biodefense Strategy, including follow up actions from pending GAO report on the Biodefense Strategy

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 68 - Requires DoD and VA to submit a report to Congress evaluating best practices for providing financial literacy education to separating service members and Veterans.

Horn (D-OK), Vela (D-TX), Conaway (R-TX) - Amendment No. 190 - Requires DoD to treat disclosures of disciplinary matters from audit firms confidentially and makes statutory the DoD’s interim guidance issued in March of 2019 which preserves the confidentiality of these proceedings. 
Adopted Voice Y      N

Speier (D-CA), Kennedy (D-MA), Brown (D-MD), Davis, Susan (D-CA), Wexton (D-VA), McEachin (D-VA), Cisneros (D-CA), Crow (D-CO), Kildee (D-MI) – Amendment No. 3 - Requires that qualifications for eligibility to serve in an armed force account only for the ability of an individual to meet gender-neutral occupational standards and not include any criteria relating to the race, color, national origin, religion, or sex (including gender identity or sexual orientation) of an individual
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Speier (D-CA), Escobar (D-TX), Hill, Katie (D-CA), Haaland (D-NM), Pressley (D-MA), Chu (D-CA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Schakowsky (D-IL), Brownley (D-CA), Khanna (D-CA) – Amendment No. 6 - Enhances access to high-quality family planning education by requiring DOD to establish a standardized educational program across all branches of the military to be provided during the first year of service for a member.
  Y   231 N   199
Brindisi (D-NY), McKinley (R-WV) – Amendment No. 9 - Reinstates the Berry Amendment's DoD domestic sourcing requirement for stainless steel flatware, also adding a “dinner ware” domestic sourcing requirement. Provides for a one year phase-in period
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Torres, Norma (D-CA) – Amendment No. 10 - Prohibits the President from removing items from Categories 1-3 of the United States Munitions List
  Y   225 N   205
Connolly (D-VA), Norton (D-DC), Beyer (D-VA) – Amendment No. 11 - Prohibits the elimination of the Office of Personnel Management
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Connolly (D-VA), King, Peter (R-NY) – Amendment No. 12 - Codifies a DOD policy to report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) service members who are prohibited from purchasing firearms. Requires DOD to study the feasibility of creating a database of military protective orders issued in response to domestic violence and the feasibility for reporting such MPOs to NICS
Adopted Voice Y      N
Shalala (D-FL), Porter (D-CA) – Amendment No. 14 - Requires the DOD Secretary to publish on its website the distribution of DOD Tuition Assistance Funds at institutions of higher education; audit any proprietary institution receiving DOD Tuition Assistance funds that fails to meet the Financial Responsibility Standards in the Higher Education Act of 1965 under Section 498(c) and publish the results of the audit on its website.
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Omar (D-MN) – Amendment No. 17 - Requires reporting on financial costs and national security benefits for overseas military operations, including permanent military installations and bases
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Smith (D-WA) [on behalf of Clark, Katherine (D-MA)] – Amendment No. 19 - Amends the current statutory prohibition on members of Congress contracting with the federal government to include the President, Vice President, and any Cabinet member
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Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #2

Malinowski (D-NJ), Engel (D-NY), Lowenthal (D-CA), Cohen (D-TN), Espaillat (D-NY), Trone (D-MD), Wagner (R-MO), Raskin (D-MD), Cicilline (D-RI), Sires (D-NJ), Wild (D-PA), Sherman (D-CA), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Khanna (D-CA), Porter (D-CA), Curtis (R-UT) –
Amendment No. 25 - Requires an ODNI determination of parties responsible for the premeditated murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, imposes visa sanctions with a national security waiver, and requires a report on human rights in Saudi Arabia

Beyer (D-VA), Norton (D-DC) – Amendment No. 69 - Requires DoD to fulfill one of the recommendations of its 2018 report entitled "Report on the Effects of Military Helicopter Noise on National Capital Region Communities" by establishing a noise inquiry website to track and analyze complaints.

Beyer (D-VA), Norton (D-DC) – Amendment No. 70 - Requires DoD to submit a report to Congress on the frequency of helicopters used for executive travel in the National Capital Region

Biggs (R-AZ), Roy (R-TX) – Amendment No. 71 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress on annual defense spending by ally and partner countries

Biggs (R-AZ), Roy (R-TX), Steube (R-FL) – Amendment No. 72 - Expresses a sense of Congress about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship

Blumenauer (D-OR) – Amendment No. 73 - Improves flood risk assessments for military construction projects by incorporating projected current and future mean sea level fluctuations

Blumenauer (D-OR) – Amendment No. 74 - Requires the Secretary to submit a quarterly report regarding ex gratia payments or lack of ex gratia payments

Blumenauer (D-OR), Kinzinger (R-IL), Moulton (D-MA), Waltz (R-FL), Welch (D-VT), Crow (D-CO), Omar (D-MN), Bacon (R-NE), Hurd (R-TX), Watkins (R-KS), Lamb (D-PA), Raskin (D-MD) – Amendment No. 75 - Requires the State Department Inspector General to submit a report to Congress on the obstacles to effective protection of Afghan and Iraqi allies through the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs and provide suggestions for improvements to the program

Blumenauer (D-OR), Rouda (D-CA) – Amendment No. 76 - Codifies President Obama’s Executive Order 13653 to require the Secretary to identify and seek to remove barriers that discourage investments to increase resiliency to climate change

Brindisi (D-NY) – Amendment No. 77 - Requires the Comptroller General to report on the implementation and efficacy of Section 701 of FY2015 NDAA, which requires that the Department of Defense provide a person-to-person mental health assessment for each member of the Armed Forces.

Brindisi (D-NY) – Amendment No. 78 - Directs DoD and the Air Force to establish a Quantum Information Science Innovation Center and authorizes $10 million for that purpose. Increases Air Force RDT&E, decreases Defense-Wide O&M

Brindisi (D-NY), Carson (D-IN), Banks (R-IN) – Amendment No. 79 - Makes requirement of mental health assessments every 180 days for deployed service members permanent by removing sunset

Brown (D-MD) – Amendment No. 80 - Gives the President the authority to issue an honorary commissioning, promoting to brigadier general in the Air Force, COL Charles E. McGee, a distinguished Tuskegee Airman

Brownley (D-CA) – Amendment No. 81 - Directs the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a report comparing out-of-pocket uniform costs for men and women service members in each of the Services of the Armed Forces, as well as past uniform changes that have affected one gender more than the other

Brownley (D-CA) – Amendment No. 82 - Directs the Department of Defense, as part of the report required under Section 232 of the Committee-reported bill, to provide an update to a 2016 report on necessary military construction updates of real property assets at Major Range and Test Facility Bases (MRTFB). The amendment also requires that the report include an assessment of MRTFBs’ readiness to support advanced testing for future needs

Brownley (D-CA), Hill, Katie (D-CA) – Amendment No. 83 - Includes Sense of Congress language underscoring the importance of the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) to firefighting response efforts and encouraging the Department of Defense to use National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account funding to support development of MAFFS capabilities in the future

Burchett (R-TN) – Amendment No. 84 - Strikes Subtitle F – Industrial Base Matters, Section 872, page 556, line 10: “not later than 90 days” and replaces it with “not later than 30 days” after the date of the enactment of this Act

Bustos (D-IL), Gianforte (R-MT), Axne (D-IA), Balderson (R-OH), Lowey (D-NY), Schakowsky (D-IL), Clark, Katherine (D-MA), Steil (R-WI), Haaland (D-NM), Thompson, Glenn (R-PA), Kuster (D-NH), Pappas (D-NH), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Stanton (D-AZ), Harder (D-CA), Johnson, Hank (D-GA), Watkins (R-KS), McKinley (R-WV), Underwood (D-IL), Moulton (D-MA), Joyce, David (R-OH), Bacon (R-NE), Trahan (D-MA), Courtney (D-CT), Crow (D-CO), Houlahan (D-PA) – Amendment No. 85 - Recognizes and honors the service of individuals who served in the United States Cadet Nurse Corps during World War II

Bustos (D-IL), Wenstrup (R-OH), Pappas (D-NH), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Porter (D-CA), Brownley (D-CA) – Amendment No. 86 - Allows Gold Star and military spouses to terminate lease premises and motor vehicles of service members who incur catastrophic injury or illness or die while in military service

Carbajal (D-CA) – Amendment No. 87 - Requires the National Academies of Sciences to conduct an independent review of plans and capabilities for nuclear verification, detection, and monitoring of nuclear weapons and fissile material

Carbajal (D-CA) – Amendment No. 88 - Requires the Department of Defense, in consultation with the Department of Veterans Affairs, to develop guidelines regarding the consideration and use of unofficial sources of information in determining benefits and decoration eligibility when a veteran’s service records are incomplete due to damage caused to the records while in the possession of the Department of Defense

Carbajal (D-CA) – Amendment No. 89 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to issue an offshore wind assessment before objecting to an offshore energy project filed for review by the Military Aviation and Installation Assurance Clearinghouse

Carson (D-IN) – Amendment No. 90 - Requires the Secretary to provide Congress with a report detailing the extent to which waivers are granted for mental health assessments for members of the armed services deployed in support of contingency operations, and it requires the report to also include information about the effectiveness of those health assessments

Carson (D-IN) – Amendment No. 91 - Revises and narrows language that qualifies an administrative processing issue as an option for the Secretary in granting an exception to required mental health assessments for members of the armed forces deployed in support of contingency operations. The language makes the standard and the burden higher to meet

Carter, John (R-TX), Womack (R-AR), Hudson (R-NC), Bishop, Sanford (D-GA), Cuellar (D-TX), Ruppersberger (D-MD)
– Amendment No. 92 - Increases the amount of money earned by military recycling centers that can roll over into the next fiscal year from $2 million to $10 million. This will allow to maximize the revenue to improve installations and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation activities

Carter, John (R-TX), Womack (R-AR), Hudson (R-NC), Bishop, Sanford (D-GA), Cuellar (D-TX), Ruppersberger (D-MD) – Amendment No. 93 - Allows military recycling centers the authority to accept quality recyclable goods from local communities

Adopted Voice Y       N

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #3
Case (D-HI) – Amendment No. 94 - Requires the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment to provide a report regarding the security risks posed by non-military aircraft overflying military installations inside the United States

Case (D-HI) – Amendment No. 95 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to report on current and possible expansion of security cooperation and assistance with Pacific island countries, including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Tonga

Case (D-HI) – Amendment No. 96 - Requires a report from the Defense Intelligence Agency detailing actions by foreign militaries operating in the Pacific Island countries, gaps in intelligence collection capabilities for these countries, and plans to overcome any current intelligence collection deficiencies.

Chu (D-CA), Pallone (D-NJ), Schiff (D-CA) – Amendment No. 97 - Supports the measures to continue the cease fire in Nagorno Karabakh, including the non-deployment of snipers, heavy arms, and new weaponry. It also encourages the deployment of gun-fire locator systems and an increase in OSCE observers along the line-of-contact

Cicilline (D-RI) – Amendment No. 98 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to produce a report analyzing the effects of automation within the Defense Industrial Base over the next ten years

Cicilline (D-RI), Reschenthaler (R-PA), Takano (D-CA) – Amendment No. 99 - Requires written consent from all parties involved in a dispute under the Service members Civil Relief Act before settling said conflict through arbitration

Cisneros (D-CA), Torres, Norma (D-CA) – Amendment No. 100 - Increases Navy university basic research by $5,000,000 in order to support innovative scientific research to help the U.S. military maintain technical superiority

Clark, Katherine (D-MA) - Amendment No. 101 - Ensures that federal employees may enroll in federal employee health benefits program (FEHBP) should they experience a qualifying life event during a lapse in appropriations and prohibits the loss of life insurance coverage, dental, vision, and long-term care benefits for federal employees in the case of a lapse in federal appropriations.

Clyburn (D-SC)- Amendment No. 102 - Allows all 8th grade students across the country to participate in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Cohen (D-TN)- Amendment No. 103 - Directs the Department of Defense to pursue compensation from the contractor for costs of non-RFI spare parts that it failed to deliver since 2015 as described in the June 13, 2019 DoD Inspector General Report No. DODIG-2019-094. DoD received non-RFI spare parts and spent up to $303 million in DoD labor costs since 2015.

Cohen (D-TN)- Amendment No. 104- Directs the Department of Defense to conduct a study analyzing the cost growth of major defense acquisition programs over the last fifteen years.

Connolly (D-VA)- Amendment 105- Delegates to a single Board member or the agency General Counsel the authority to stay an agency action that the Office of Special Counsel suspects was taken as a result of a prohibit personnel practice in order to better protect 18 whistleblowers when the Merit Systems Protection Board lacks a confirmed member or a quorum.

Connolly (D-VA)- Amendment No. 106- Prohibits states from coercing military technicians into accepting an offer of realignment or conversion to any other military status. Prohibits retaliation against military technicians who decline to participate in such realignment or conversion.

Connolly (D-VA)- Amendment No. 107- Requires a report on any individuals or security force units who have participated in security cooperation training programs and received security assistance training provided by the United States and were subsequently sanctioned by the United States for human rights violations or terrorist activities.

Connolly (D-VA)- Amendment No. 108- Provides $2,000,000 in funding for the European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, a NATO-EU joint venture to combat threats based on a combination of military and nonmilitary means, including but not limited to cyberattacks, election interference, and disinformation campaigns.

Connolly (D-VA), Beyer (D-VA)- Amendment No. 109- Requires periodic reporting on security clearance adjudication backlogs.

Cooper (D-TN)- Amendment No. 110- Directs DOD, CIA, and the State Department to each generate a report detailing progress towards reducing the backlog in legally required historical declassification obligations, offer solutions, and consider new approaches (both technology and policy) to return to productivity.

Correa (D-CA)- Amendment No. 111- Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide the congressional defense committees a report on cyber-attacks and intrusions against the Department of Defense systems in the previous 12 months by agents or associates of the Governments of the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Correa (D-CA), Porter (D-CA)- Amendment No. 112- Requires the “National Security Commission on Defense Research at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other Minority Institutions,” to evaluate the 19 effectiveness of the Department of Defense in attracting and retaining STEM students from covered institutions for the Department’s programs on emerging capabilities and technologies.

Courtney (D-CT)- Amendment No. 113- Requires a report regarding US, Russian, and Chinese nuclear systems.

Courtney (D-CT)- Amendment No. 114- Adds the United States Coast Guard Academy to the list of military service academies covered by Section 538.

Craig (D-MN)- Amendment No. 115- Adds $30 Million to the Army Community Services account to provide family assistance, victim advocacy, financial counseling, employment readiness, and other similar support services at installations where 500 or more military members are assigned.

Crenshaw (R-TX), Cunningham (D-SC), Brooks, Mo (R-AL), Trone (D-MD), Lamb (D-PA)- Amendment No. 116- Provides for the inclusion of home schooled students in Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) units by adding criteria under Title 10 and would in return give the JROTC unit credit toward an existing requirement for the standing of their unit.

Crenshaw (R-TX), Waltz (R-FL)- Amendment No. 117- Waives time limitation and authorizes the award of the Medal of Honor to SFC Alwyn Cashe for valor, described within, during combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Adopted Voice Y      N

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #4
Crist (D-FL), Pingree (D-ME)- Amendment No. 118- Requires the Secretary to account for sea level rise projections and future flood risk when creating guidelines for energy and climate resiliency at military facilities.

Cuellar (D-TX), Carter, John (R-TX)- Amendment No. 119- Requests an independent assessment of the United States’ funding and resources available to the Department of Defense, the Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development, for use in the Western Hemisphere. The assessment will also focus on investments made by China, Iran, and Russia in the Western Hemisphere.

Cummings (D-MD), Collins, Doug (R-GA)- Amendment No. 120- Prohibits federal employers and contractors from asking about the criminal history of job applicants until they receive conditional offers of employment. The amendment includes exceptions for positions related to law enforcement and national security, 20 positions requiring access to classified information, and positions for which access to criminal history

Cummings (D-MD), Moore (D-WI), Brown (D-MD)- Amendment No. 121- Requires the Secretary of Defense to carry out activities to improve the ability of the Department of Defense to detect and address racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in the military justice system.

Cunningham (D-SC)- Amendment No. 122- Expands eligibility in the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship Program to spouses of members of the Coast Guard and to the spouses of enlisted service members of all grades.

Cunningham (D-SC)- Amendment No. 123- Authorizes the Department of Defense to give preference to contractors that employ veterans on a full-time basis.

Cunningham (D-SC), Cox (D-CA)-
Amendment No. 124- Requires the Secretary of the Navy to issue a report on plans to support and maintain aircraft assigned to Marine Corps air stations that will be transitioning from F-18s to F-35s.

Delgado (D-NY)- Amendment No. 127- Requires a report within 90 days of enactment on current Defense Logistics Agency and Defense Commissary Agency programs, policies, and practices relating to small farms, farms owned by new and beginning farmers, veteran farmers, and minority farmers, and opportunities and barriers to expanding their use.

Delgado (D-NY), Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No. 128- Increases funding for the University and Industry Research Centers by $5 million. 21

DeSaulnier (D-CA), Gallego (D-AZ)- Amendment No. 129- Requires the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to conduct a joint study on the impact of the current policy of withholding disability pay from veterans who receive separation pay.

DeSaulnier (D-CA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA)- Amendment No. 130- Expresses the sense of Congress that the Port Chicago 50 should be exonerated of any charges brought against them in the aftermath of the deadliest home front explosion in World War II.

Doggett (D-TX)- Amendment No. 132- Ensures an assessment of the policy and operational necessity, risks, benefits and costs of establishing military-to-military discussions with Iran.

Duffy (R-WI), Gabbard (D-HI), Crenshaw (R-TX), Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Harder (D-CA), Ratcliffe (R-TX), Bacon (R-NE)- Amendment No. 133- Expands and renames the Troops to Teachers program to assist troops transition into any role in an education setting.

Dunn (R-FL)- Amendment No. 134 - Requires the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the head of the Joint Artificial intelligence center, to submit a report to Congress regarding the use and future use of A.I. in DoD.

Engel (D-NY)- Amendment No. 135 - Requires the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State to report on the implications of Russian military or private military corporation involvement in the U.S. Africa Command Area of Responsibility, provide an analysis of the implications of such activity for U.S. interests, and develop a plan to counteract destabilizing Russian activity in Africa.

Engel (D-NY)- Amendment No. 136 - Requires Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to develop a strategy to improve the efforts of the Nigerian military to prevent, mitigate, and respond to civilian harm in the operation of the Super Tucano aircraft and associated weapons acquired from the United 22 States.

Engel (D-NY)- Amendment No. 137 - Requires the development of common standards for implementing human right vetting and integrating civilian protection into the assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of security cooperation.

Escobar (D-TX)- Amendment No. 138 - Clarifies that certain standards must be met before DoD may assist HHS in providing housing for unaccompanied migrant children.

Escobar (D-TX)- Amendment No. 139 - Allows installations to use funds derived from energy cost savings for operational energy programs.

Escobar (D-TX), Rouda (D-CA)- Amendment No. 140- Requires the Department of Defense to specify climate-related mitigation and recovery costs in its annual budget submission to Congress.

Finkenauer (D-IA), Curtis (R-UT), Velázquez (D-NY)- Amendment No. 141- Directs Procurement Center Representatives and other acquisition personnel to assist small business in the SBIR and STTR program in terms of researching applicable solicitations for small business concerns and technical assistance when bidding for contracts.

Fitzpatrick (R-PA) - Amendment No. 142- Directs the Secretary of Defense to raise the priority of completing DOD Directive 2310.07E in order to clarify processes and efficiencies in recovering the remains of heroes missing in action, via the POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

Fitzpatrick (R-PA)- Amendment No. 143- Directs DOD to conduct a review of the foreign currency rates used at disbursement to determine whether cost-savings opportunities exist by more consistently selecting cost-effective rates.

Fitzpatrick (R-PA)- Amendment No. 144 - Protects and preserves military tuition assistance programs.

Fitzpatrick (R-PA)- Amendment No. 145 - Sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should work to implement a process to coordinate annual research requests between all services and offices under Department of Defense to optimize both the benefits to the Department and the efficiency of the research.

Fitzpatrick (R-PA)- Amendment No. 146 - Ensures that GPS M-code modernization efforts promote interoperability and efficiency while avoiding unnecessary duplication.

Adopted Voice Y      ✓ N
Sherman (D-CA), Speier (D-CA), Schiff (D-CA), Pallone (D-NJ) – Amendment No. 21 - Prohibits funds from being used to transfer defense articles or services to Azerbaijan unless the President certifies to Congress that the articles or services do not threaten civil aviation
  Y    234   195
Lieu (D-CA) [on behalf of Gabbard (D-HI)] – Amendment No. 23 - Prohibits funds from the Special Defense Acquisition Fund to aid Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates if such assistance could be used to conduct or continue hostilities in Yemen
  Y    239 N    187
Lieu (D-CA), Amash (I-MI), Cicilline (D-RI), Malinowski (D-NJ), Engel (D-NY) – Amendment No. 24 - Prohibits funds from being used to transfer any defense articles or services to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates under the emergency authority of the Arms Export Control Act that circumvents congressional review
  Y   246 N    180
Smith, Adam (D-WA) – Amendment No. 26 - Prohibits support to and participation in the Saudi-led coalition’s military operations against the Houthis in Yemen
   240 N    185

Cicilline (D-RI), Bilirakis (R-FL) – Amendment No. 27 - Repeals existing restrictions on the United States from transferring and exporting weapons, and defense articles and services to the Republic of Cyprus.
  Y    252  173
Engel (D-NY) – Amendment No. 29 - Improves current law related to policies and planning to ensure civilian protection, including procedures for incidents involving civilian casualties
  Y   241  183
Engel (D-NY) – Amendment No. 31 - Expresses that the U.S. should seek to extend the New START Treaty (set to expire in 2021), unless Russia is in material breach of the Treaty, or the US and Russia have entered into a new agreement that has equal or greater constraints, transparency, and verification measures on Russia’s nuclear forces. Prohibits use of funds to withdraw from New START. Requires DNI, SecState, and SecDef reports detailing the consequences of the Treaty’s lapse and impact on US nuclear modernization plan. Also requires Presidential certification regarding future of the Treaty before its potential expiration
  Y   236 N   189
Blumenauer (D-OR) – Amendment No. 32 - Requires an independent study on options to extend the life of the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles and delaying the ground-based strategic deterrent program (GBSD). Prevents 10% of funds for the Secretary of Defense from being distributed until the study is submitted
   164 N   264
Blumenauer (D-OR), Garamendi (D-CA) – Amendment No. 33 - Requires the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security to conduct a study on the unexpected cost increases for the W80-4 nuclear warhead life extension program and prevents $185 million from being obligated or expended until the study is completed
  Y   198   229
Frankel (D-FL) – Amendment No. 34 - Prohibits funding for missiles noncompliant with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty until the Secretary of Defense meets certain conditions.
  Y   215  214
Langevin (D-RI), Courtney (D-CT), Garamendi (D-CA), Larsen, Rick (D-WA), Foster (D-IL), Smith, Adam (D-WA), Hill, Katie (D-CA) – Amendment No. 35 - Increases by $20,000,000 Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation budget to conduct research and development on low-enriched uranium for naval reactors, decreases the National Nuclear Security Agency federal expenses and other expenditures budget by $20,000,000
Adopted Voice Y       N

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #5
Sherman (D-CA), Waters (D-CA) – Amendment No. 20 - Directs the Administration to issue a prohibition against Americans trading in new Russian sovereign debt, subject to review by the Administration and Congress following each national mid-term and presidential election. And includes a mechanism for lifting the prohibition in the absence of Russian interference in the most recent federal U.S. election

Jayapal (D-WA) – Amendment No. 37 - Requires the Defense Department to submit to Congress annual reports on employment or compensation of retired general or flag officers by foreign governments for emoluments clause purposes

Aguilar (D-CA) – Amendment No. 38 - Requires a feasibility study on Department of Defense using two Federal Bureau of Investigation databases to screen potential enlistees for ties to white nationalist organizations

Porter (D-CA) – Amendment No. 40 - Repeals the delay in the payday lending rule as it relates to service members, veterans and surviving spouses

OcasioCortez (D-NY), Velázquez (D-NY) – Amendment No. 43 - Allocates $10,000,000 for the purchase, deployment and operation of closed detonation chambers on Vieques, Puerto Rico

Torres, Norma (D-CA), Fitzpatrick (R-PA) – Amendment No. 47 - Directs the Office of Management and Budget to categorize public safety telecommunicators as a protective service occupation under the Standard Occupational Classification System

Fortenberry (R-NE), Eshoo (D-CA), Speier (D-CA), Moolenaar (R-MI), Bilirakis (R-FL), Harder (D-CA)- Amendment No. 147 - Provides a Sense of Congress supporting the conditions for security of displaced Christians and other religious minorities in Northern Iraq and to enable their safe return home.

Foster (D-IL)- Amendment No. 148 - Amends the testing requirement for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense System to include the use of threat-representative countermeasures.

Foster (D-IL)- Amendment No. 149 - Extends the congressional notification period to 180 days if the Secretary of Defense chooses to terminate its contract with the JASON scientific advisory group and requires that the Secretary receive congressional approval. The amendment also clarifies that JASON provides scientific and technical advice to multiple Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Foster (D-IL)- Amendment No. 150 - Requires an independent study on the impacts of missile defense development and deployment.

Foxx (R-NC)- Amendment No. 151 -Expresses the Sense of Congress that 1) NATO is central to U.S.- European defense matters and 2) military cooperation in Europe by NATO member countries should complement NATO efforts and should not hinder military system interoperability and burden sharing among NATO allies.

Frankel (D-FL), Schakowsky (D-IL)- Amendment No. 152 -Requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit an intelligence assessment on the relationship between women and violent extremism and terrorism.

Gaetz (R-FL)- Amendment No. 153 -Requires a report to Congress on contracts being forcibly terminated based on foreign governments' actions that impeded the ability of the contractor to perform their contract.

Gaetz (R-FL), Gallego (D-AZ)- Amendment No. 154 -Promotes posthumously LT. Col. Dick Cole to the rank of colonel.

Gallagher (R-WI), Hartzler (R-MO), Malinowski (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 155 -Directs the President to submit to Congress a report on ZTE’s compliance with the settlement agreement it reached with the Department of Commerce on June 8, 2018.

Gallagher (R-WI) - Amendment No. 156 -Restores $75 million for National Security Innovation Capital to fund the commercialization and scaling of dual use, hardware-based critical to the military but currently underserved by the private venture capital and often funded by strategic and persistent capital from China.

Gallagher (R-WI), Malinowski (D-NJ)- Amendment No. 157 - Prohibits the Secretary of Commerce from removing Huawei from the Entity List maintained by the Bureau of Industry and Security until the Secretary certifies that Huawei and its officers have not engaged in sanctions violations or IP theft in the preceding five years, and that Huawei does not pose an ongoing threat to US or allied telecommunications and infrastructure.

Gallego (D-AZ)- Amendment No. 158 - Requires a report on the National Guard's capacity to meet Homeland Defense missions.

Gallego (D-AZ)- Amendment No. 159 -Changes eligibility of telecommunications goods and services to be provided to DoD installations in U.S. Territories in the Pacific Ocean to restrict ownership by or significant components from U.S. adversaries.

Garamendi (D-CA) - Amendment No. 160- Extends the authority to carry out the backup Global Positioning System capability demonstration, which is a current expiring directive authority from the FY18 NDAA, by an additional 18 months, and extends the report submission an additional 18 months.

Garamendi (D-CA), Wittman (D-VA), Golden (D-ME) - Amendment No. 161- Ensures departing servicemembers and veterans can more easily credit their military sea service toward earning a Merchant Mariner Credential needed to sail US-flagged vessels.

González Colón, Jenniffer (R-PR) - Amendment No. 162- Requires the Secretary of Defense to review the effects on preparedness to provide support to States and territories in connection with natural disasters, threats, and emergencies prior to inactivating any Army watercraft unit.

González Colón, Jenniffer (R-PR) - Amendment No. 163- Directs GAO to complete a study and submit a report to the congressional defense committees on the status of the Federal cleanup and decontamination process in the former military training sites located on the island municipalities of Vieques and Culebra, Puerto Rico. The study shall include an analysis of the pace of ongoing environmental restoration efforts and potential challenges and alternatives to 25 accelerate the completion of such process.

González Colón, Jenniffer (R-PR) - Amendment No. 164 Expresses the sense of Congress that combating transnational criminal organizations and illicit narcotics trafficking across the transit zone and the Caribbean basin is critical to the national security of the United States and that the Department of Defense (DoD) should work with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and other relevant Federal, State, local, and international partners to improve surveillance capabilities and maximize the effectiveness of counterdrug operations in the region.

Gosar (R-AZ), Amodei (R-NV), Hice (R-GA), Stauber (R-MN), Tipton (R-CO), Hartzler (R-MO), Bishop, Rob (R-UT) - Amendment No. 165 - Ensures that the United States will eliminate dependency on rare earth materials from China by fiscal year 2035.
Adopted Voice Y     ✓ N

Takano (D-CA)
– Amendment No. 39 - Any member of the Armed Forces and their respective spouse, widow, widower, parent, son or daughter is eligible for parole in place under the Immigration and Nationality Act
Adopted Voice Y      N
Lieu (D-CA), Jayapal (D-WA), Cohen (D-TN), Beyer (D-VA) – Amendment No. 44 - Prohibits funds from being obligated or expended at properties owned by the President or that bear his name (enumerated in the amendment). A waiver is made available if the President reimburses the Department of the Treasury for the amount associated with the expense.
  Y   223 N   205
Raskin (D-MD) – Amendment No. 45 - Prohibits military parades and exhibitions for political purposes.
    221  207
Huffman (D-CA) – Amendment No. 46 - Takes land into trust as part of the reservation of the Lytton Rancheria
Adopted Voice Y       N
Pappas (D-NH) – Amendment No. 48 - Requires the EPA to revise the list of toxic pollutants under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to include per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and publish effluent and pretreatment standards
Adopted Voice Y     N
Lee, Barbara (D-CA), DeFazio (D-OR), Omar (D-MN), Pressley (D-MA) – Amendment No. 49 - Reduces funding from the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account by $16.8 billion, to prevent a topline DoD spending increase from the FY19 level. The amendment would only reduce OCO funds in the Operations and Maintenance account

Y   115  307
Amash (I-MI), Lee, Barbara (D-CA) – Amendment No. 50 - Repeals section 1022 of the FY2012 NDAA and amends Section 1021 of the FY2012 NDAA to eliminate indefinite military detention of any person detained under AUMF authority in the U.S., territories, or possessions by providing immediate transfer to trial and proceedings by a court established under Article III of the Constitution of the United states or by an appropriate State court
  Y   187  236

Smith (D- WA) En Bloc #6
Dean (D-PA), Kildee (D-MI), Upton (R-MI), Pappas (D-NH), Boyle (D-PA), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Rouda (D-CA)- Amendment No. 125- Authorizes an additional $5 million for the nationwide CDC ATSDR PFAS health study.

Dean (D-PA), Pappas (D-NH), Kildee (D-MI)- Amendment No. 126- Directs the Secretary of the Navy to publish a military specification for a fluorine-free fire fighting agent by 2023 to ensure it can be used by 2025. It prohibits usage on or after September 30th, 2025. It also limits the ability for the Secretary of Defense to use a waiver for a period that exceeds one year – current waiver period is up to 6 years.

Dingell (D-MI), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Levin, Andy (D-MI) - Amendment No. 131- Prohibits the Defense Logistics Agency from using any food contact substances to assemble or package meals ready-to-eat (MRE) with PFAS chemicals beginning in FY2021.

Kildee (D-MI), Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Kim (D-NJ), Rouda (D-CA) - Amendment No. 218 - Requires GAO to conduct a review of DoD’s response to PFAS contamination in and around military bases.

Levin, Andy (D-MI), Khanna (D-CA) - Amendment No. 251 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to ensure that all incineration of materials containing PFAS is conducted in a manner that eliminates PFAS while also ensuring that no PFAS is emitted into the air; that all incineration is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act; that materials containing PFAS and designated for disposal are stored safely; and that no incineration be conducted at any facility that violated the requirements of the Clean Air Act during the year preceding the date of disposal.

Pappas (D-NH), Kuster (D-NH), Rouda (D-CA) - Amendment No. 310 - Creates an online clearinghouse of information for members of the Armed Services to find information about exposure to PFAS and treatment for associated health conditions.

Turner (R-OH) - Amendment No. 382 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to enter into agreements with municipalities or municipal drinking water utilities located adjacent to military installations to share monitoring data relating to perfluoroalkyl substances, polyfluoroalkyl substances, and other emerging contaminants collected on military installations.

Kildee (D-MI), Dean (D-PA) - Amendment No. 410 - Authorizes $5 million for the first year of a five year study by the USGS to survey for PFAS contamination across the country.

Dingell (D-MI), Upton (R-MI), Fitzpatrick (R-PA) - Amendment No. 418 - Requires the Department of Defense to enter into cooperative agreements with states to mitigate PFAS contamination resulting from their facilities.

Adopted Voice Y    ✓ N

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #7
Gottheimer (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 166 - Adds “adversary actions that threaten freedom of navigation on the international waterways, including attacks on foreign ships and crews” to the matters to be studied in the study on Mobility Capability Requirements.

Gottheimer (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 167 - Directs the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to send Congress recommendations to improve the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.

Gottheimer (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 168 - Adds Hamas, Hizballah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, al-Shabaab, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the organizations prohibited from being provided weapons.

Gottheimer (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 169 - Adds “anti-Semitism” to the list of questions about workplace experiences on DOD surveys.

Graves, Garret (R-LA) - Amendment No. 170 - Extends the expiration of the exemption from enhanced competition requirements for no-cost contracts for the purchase of property and services by executive agencies.

Graves, Garret (R-LA) - Amendment No. 171 - Authorizes the service secretaries to award the Vietnam Service medal to veterans who participated in Operation End Sweep.

Graves, Garret (R-LA) - Amendment No. 172 - Requires a report regarding management of military commissaries and exchanges to the 26 congressional defense committees.

Graves, Garret (R-LA), Thompson, Mike (D-CA) - Amendment No. 173 - Allows the National Guard to be reimbursed in a timely manner in response to an emergency declared under the Stafford Act.

Green, Mark (R-TN) - Amendment No. 174 - Assesses the availability and usage of the assistance of chaplains, houses of worship, and other spiritual resources for members of the Armed Forces of all self-identified religious affiliations in order to help counter the tragic rate of military suicides.

Haaland (D-NM), Khanna (D-CA), Johnson, Hank (D-GA), Grijalva (D-AZ), Wild (D-PA), Lewis (D-GA), Espaillat (D-NY), Raskin (D-MD) - Amendment No. 175 - Requiring the Secretaries of Defense and State to report on human rights of Brazil's security forces in light of potential increased security cooperation.

Haaland (D-NM), Speier (D-CA), Escobar (D-TX), Pressley (D-MA), Schakowsky (D-IL), Crow (D-CO), Cisneros (D-CA) - Amendment No. 176 - Prohibits the Department of Defense from contracting with companies that do not have a sexual harassment policy.

Hagedorn (R-MN) - Amendment No. 177 - Parrots the language found in OMB memorandums M-11-32 and M-12-16 as closely as possible, directing agencies to accelerate payment of small business prime contractors to the fullest extent possible, with a goal of 15 days after receipt of proper invoice. Furthermore, the amendment extends this accelerated payment objective to other-than-small prime contractors that subcontract with small businesses on the condition that the
prime contractors agree to accelerate payments to their small subcontractors.

Hastings (D-FL) - Amendment No. 178 - Requires contractors to submit total Independent Research and Development spending to the Defense Technical Information Center, who will provide access to the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, the Director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, and Director of the 27 Defense Contract Management Agency. Further, it requires the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering to report to Congress on the cost expended and trends related to Independent Research and Development spending.

Hastings (D-FL) - Amendment No. 179 - Requires contractors to submit total Bid and Proposal spending to the Director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, who will provide access to the Principal Director for Defense Pricing and Contracting to fulfill DoD reporting requirements.

Hastings (D-FL) - Amendment No. 180 - Repeals the Defense Cost Accounting Standards Board as duplicative of the Cost Accounting Standards Board under the Office of Procurement Policy.

Hastings (D-FL) - Amendment No. 181 - Establishes a joint Military Transition Outreach Pilot Program for contacting service-members 30, 60, and 90 days post-separation and/or retirement from active duty, to improve communication between the veteran and DoD related to benefits and other general concerns.

Hastings (D-FL), Case (D-HI), Sablan (D-MP), San Nicolas (D-GU), Radewagen (R-AS), Gabbard (D-HI) - Amendment No. 182 - Expresses the sense of Congress that the United States has strong and enduring interests in the security and prosperity of Oceania and the Western Pacific region and should expeditiously begin negotiations on the renewal of the Compacts of Free Association (COFA)

Heck (D-WA), Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No. 183 - Requires the Services as part of their annual financial literacy education briefing, to include information on free credit monitoring available to servicemembers under the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.

Heck (D-WA), Smith, Adam (D-WA), McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) - Amendment No. 184 - Improves emergency response, this amendment requires the DoD Fire and Emergency Services Working Group to implement a plan to address any deficiencies with interoperability caused by incompatibility between the DoD communications system and that of and civilian agencies.

Higgins, Brian (D-NY) - Amendment No. 185 - Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to contribute up to $5 million to the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program. A program that offers funding for education and preservation projects designed to preserve historic maritime resources.

Hill, Katie (D-CA) - Amendment No. 186 - Directs the Office of the Secretary of Defense to strengthen the domestic industrial base for small unmanned aircraft systems.

Hollingsworth (R-IN) - Amendment No. 187 - Expressing a Sense of the House of Representatives that the Defense Health Agency should increase research and development efforts regarding bioprinting and biofabricating of human tissues in austere military environments.

Horn (D-OK) - Amendment No. 188 - Allows all retired air traffic controllers who are FERS employees and working as instructors or supervisors to keep the annuity they paid into during their careers as air traffic controllers regardless of how many hours a week they work training the next generation of air traffic controllers for the FAA.

Horn (D-OK), Cole (R-OK) - Amendment No. 189 - Direct the Department of Defense IG to conduct an audit of each of the military services and DoD agencies as applicable to determine if there has been any excess profit or excessive cost escalation in sole source, commercial depot maintenance contracts, including parts, supplies, equipment and maintenance services.

Adopted Voice Y      N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #8
Horsford (D-NV), Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No. 191 Increases funding for Air Force University Research Initiatives by $5,000,000.

Houlahan (D-PA) - Amendment No. 192 - Allows contracting officers the ability to provide unsuccessful offerors of certain task or delivery orders a brief explanation as to why the offeror lost the award.

Houlahan (D-PA) - Amendment No. 193 - Extends death benefits to members of the Armed Forces participating in the Career Intermission Program.

Houlahan (PA) - Amendment No. 194 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress assessing the potential military, intelligence, and logistical threats facing U.S. military infrastructure due to Chinese military assets in Djbouti.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 195 - Adds report to be submitted within 220 days following enactment on Capacity to Provide Disaster Survivors with Emergency Short Term Housing.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 196 - Condemns the actions of Boko Haram and directs that the Secretary of Defense submit a report on efforts to combat Boko Haram.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 197 - Requires Secretary of Defense to report to Congress programs and procedures employed to ensure students studying abroad through Department of Defense National Security Education Programs are trained to recognize, resist, and report against recruitment efforts by agents of foreign governments.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 198 - Requires report on Maternity Mortality Rates for military members and their dependents.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 199 Requires report to be submitted to Congress within 240 days following enactment on the risks posed by debris in low earth orbit and to make recommendations on remediation of risks and outline plans to reduce the incident of space debris.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 200 - Requires that a report from the Secretary of Defense 240 days after the date of the enactment to the congressional defense committees that accounts for all of the efforts, programs, initiatives, and investments of the Department of Defense to train elementary, secondary, and postsecondary students in fields related to cybersecurity, cyber defense, and cyber operations.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 201 - Provides authorization for a $10 million increase in funding for increased collaboration with NIH to combat Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 202 - Provides authorization for $2.5 million increase in funding to combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 203 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to promulgate regulations to ensure that candidates granted admission to attend a military academy undergo screening for speech disorders and be provided the results of the screening test and a list of warfare unrestricted line (URL) Officer positions and occupation specialists that require successful performance on the speech test. Academy students shall have the option of 30 undergoing speech therapy to reduce speech disorders or impediments.

Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 204 - Adds to the objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Education Strategy to include instruction on the "opportunities and risks" posed by advancements in AI.

Jayapal (D-WA) - Amendment No. 205 - Increases available funding for the National Guard Suicide Prevention Pilot Program by $5,000,000.

Jayapal (D-WA) - Amendment No. 206 - Directs federal agencies to initiate debarment proceedings for contractors with repeat and willful wage theft violations.

Jeffries (D-NY) - Amendment No. 207 - Adds a requirement to the DOD's annual report on the military and security developments involving People's Republic of China about the nature of China and Russia's strategic cooperation.
Specifically, the amendment requires the DOD to include in their annual report an evaluation of what strategic objectives Russia and China share and are acting on and what objectives they misalign on.

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-TX) - Amendment No. 208 - Requires an annual update of the climate vulnerability and risk assessment tool by the Secretary of Defense in consultation with requisite Federal agencies.

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-TX) - Amendment No. 209 - Adds the inclusion of cultural competence and diversity to the strategy for the recruitment and retention of mental health providers for members of the Armed Forces.

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-TX) - Amendment No. 210 - Mandates the installation and maintenance of an appropriate number of carbon monoxide detectors in each unit of military family housing on military posts and bases.

Joyce, John (D-PA) - Amendment No. 211 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress describing projects awaiting evaluation from the Realty Governance Board and an assessment of the impact such projects would have on the overall security of the requesting installation.

Kaptur (D-OH), Young (R-AK) - Amendment No. 212 - Expands DOD’s authority to operate the youth civil-military STEM program, STARBASE, to allow participation and collaboration with the Coast Guard.

Keating (D-MA) - Amendment No. 213 - Requires the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to 31 ensure the meaningful inclusion of Afghan women in peace negotiations.

Keating (D-MA) - Amendment No. 214 - Establishes a coordinator for ISIS detainee issues.

Kelly, Robin (D-IL), Foster (D-IL) - Amendment No. 215 - Requires the Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to submit a report to Congress on military spouse financial literacy efforts.

Adopted Voice Y       N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc # 9
Khanna (D-CA) - Amendment No. 216 - Authorizes $10M to be available to develop and prepare a monitoring and verification program related to the phased denuclearization of North Korea, in coordination with relevant international partners and organizations.

Kildee (D-MI), Speier (D-CA) - Amendment No. 219 - Requires the DoD to train service members on the threat posed by foreign misinformation campaigns, including by Russia, that actively target service members and their families.

Kildee (D-MI), Speier (D-CA), Haaland (D-NM) - Amendment No. 220 - Requires the DoD certify that it is complying with HUD's regulations to protect service members and their families against leadbased paint in military housing. Would also require the DoD to create regulations to allow independent testing of lead hazards in military housing.

Kildee (D-MI), Speier (D-CA), Khanna (D-CA), Malinowski (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 221 - Requires the DoD to report to Congress on civilian casualties caused by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen and whether the Saudi strikes would have complied with the DoD’s rules of engagement and interpretation of international law.

Kilmer (D-WA) - Amendment No. 222 - Directs the Secretary of the Defense to conduct a study on the status of the transition from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to the National Reconnaissance Office of the leadership role in acquiring commercial satellite remote sensing data on behalf of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Kilmer (D-WA), Case (D-HI), Scott, Bobby (D-VA), Pappas (D-NH), Pingree (D-ME), Golden (D-ME), Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 223 Directs the Secretary of the Navy to enter into an agreement with a Federally funded research and development center with relevant expertise to conduct an assessment of the impacts resulting from the Navy’s suspension in 2016 of the Accelerated Promotion Program. The Secretary shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report on the results of the evaluation by not later than June 1, 2020, and shall provide interim briefings upon request.

King, Steve (R-IA) - Amendment No. 224 - Requires an additional requirement in “Matters to be Included” under Section 1246 to require an assessment of China’s expansion of its surveillance state; any correlation of such expansion with its oppression of its citizens and its threat to United States national security interests around the world; and an overview of the extent to which such surveillance corresponds to the overall respect for, or lack thereof, human rights within its own borders.

Kinzinger (R-IL), Cole (R-OK) - Amendment No. 225 - Prohibits divestiture from the RC26B manned intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platform, permits the use of resources authorized by the legislation for support of the RC-26B, allows the National Guard to enter into at least one memorandum of agreement with other federal entities for the purposes of mission support, and requires a report detailing how the Air Force intends to provide manned or unmanned ISR mission support in the event the platform is divested.

Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) - Amendment No. 226 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report to Congress on the effectiveness of readiness contracts in meeting the military’s prescription drug supply needs and how the contractual approach can be a model for responding to drug shortages in the civilian health care market.

Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), Kuster (D-NH), Taylor (R-TX), Hudson (R-NC) - Amendment No. 227 - Adds “carbon monoxide,” to Section 2815 of the bill on page 1008.

Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) - Amendment No. 228 - Allows the Secretary of Defense to coordinate with workforce development organizations in implementing the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Computer Science and Cybersecurity Program.

Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 229 - Requires board for the correction of military records and discharge review boards to consult with a expert in trauma specific to sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or spousal abuse when reviewing applicant claims based on sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or spousal abuse.

Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 230 - Requires members of boards for the correction of military records and discharge review boards receive training in sexual trauma, intimate partner violence, spousal abuse, and the various responses of individuals to trauma.

Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 231 - Requires the Secretary of Defense enact policies and procedures to register civilian protection orders on military bases.

Kuster (D-NH), Bustos (D-IL) - Amendment No. 232 - Requires the Undersecretary for Acquisition and Sustainment submit a report to Congress evaluating service-level best practices for collecting real property data and implement service-wide guidance based off these best practices.

Kuster (D-NH), Speier (D-CA) - Amendment No. 233 - Requires GAO complete a study on partnerships between military installations and civilian domestic and sexual violence response organizations to improve collaboration and services provided to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

LaMalfa (R-CA), Carbajal (D-CA), Gallego (D-AZ), Haaland (D-NM), Napolitano (D-CA), Cárdenas (D-CA), Cook (R-CA), Davis, Rodney (R-IL), Young (R-AK), Brownley (D-CA), McClintock (R-CA), Torres, Norma (D-CA), Gomez (D-CA), Moore (D-WI), Porter (D-CA), Calvert (R-CA), Correa (D-CA), Ruiz (D-CA), Cox (D-CA), Levin, Mike (D-CA), Davids (D-KS) - Amendment No. 234 - Reaffirms the action of the Secretary of the Interior to take land into trust for the benefit of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians.

Lamb (D-PA) - Amendment No. 235 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to carry out a program on musculoskeletal injury prevention research to identify risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries among members of the Armed Forces and to create a better understanding for adaptive bone formation during initial entry military training.

Lamb (D-PA), Takano (D-CA), Lee, Susie (D-NV), Brownley (D-CA), Luria (D-VA), Allred (D-TX), Pappas (D-NH), Cisneros (D-CA), Sablan (D-MP), Levin, Mike (D-CA), Banks (R-IN), Roe (R-TN), Bilirakis (R-FL), Radewagen (R-AS), Watkins (R-KS), Bost (R-IL), Barr (R-KY), Meuser (R-PA), Rose, Max (D-NY), Porter (D-CA) -Amendment No. 236 - Requires the Interagency Program Office of the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to demonstrate that it has achieved interoperability in the implementation of electronic health records. Requires the Office to manage the configuration of the electronic health records, consult with clinicians, and survey clinicians and patients; defines “interoperability” and “seamless health care”.

Lamborn (R-CO) - Amendment No. 237 - Requires a report and brief from Under Secretary of Defense for R&E on potential need for a multi-object kill vehicle (MOKV) in future architecture of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, including: an assessment of technology readiness level of needed components and operational system; cost and comprehensive development and testing schedule to deploy such system by 2025; an assessment of if MOKV was considered in the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program re-baseline as a replacement for future Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) kill vehicles; a concept of operations of how an MOKV capability could be employed and how it compares to alternative GMD interceptors.

Lamborn (R-CO), Bost (R-IL), Kim (D-NJ), Smith, Christopher (R-NJ) - Amendment No. 238 - Modifies the current bill language to prohibit the use of funds to enter into a global household goods contract until after the Comptroller General reports back to congressional defense committees on a comprehensive study analyzing the effects of outsourcing the defense personal property program to a private entity or entities, a costbenefit analysis, and recommendations for changes to the strategy.
Adopted Voice Y      N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #10
Langevin (D-RI) - Amendment No. 239 - Adds cybersecurity metrics as a required component of acquisitions using the new Section 801 authority: "ESTABLISHMENT OF ACQUISITION PATHWAYS FOR SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS AND SOFTWARE UPGRADES."

Langevin (D-RI), Lieu (D-CA) - Amendment No. 240 - Requires the President to provide the congressional defense committees with a copy of all National Security Presidential Memorandums relating to DoD operations in cyberspace.

Langevin (D-RI), Stefanik (R-NY), Smith, Adam (D-WA), Crow (D-CO), Panetta (D-CA), Waltz (R-FL) - Amendment No. 241 - Extends Section 1202 of Title 10, support of special operations for irregular warfare, for three years.

Langevin (D-RI), Stefanik (R-NY), Smith, Adam (D-WA), Crow (D-CO), Panetta (CA), Waltz (FL)- Amendment No. 242 - Strengthens current written notifications of Section 127e of Title 10, support of special operations to combat terrorism.

Larsen, Rick (D-WA) - Amendment No. 243 - Increases funding for the Defense Language and National Security Education Office by $13,404,000 for Chinese language and culture studies.

Larsen, Rick (D-WA) - Amendment No. 244 - Amends Section 1089 to require the Interagency Working Group to provide best practices to grantees at the time of agreement and to develop a risk mitigation plan.

Larsen, Rick (D-WA) - Amendment No. 245 - Modifies Section 1091(b) of the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to require that the Secretary of Defense develop a transition plan for institutions of higher education to develop independent Chinese language programs.

Lawrence (D-MI) - Amendment No. 246 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to share lessons learned and best practices on progress of gender integration implementation in the Armed Forces.

Lawrence (D-MI) - Amendment No. 247 - States that the Secretary of Defense shall require each of the military departments to examine successful strategies in use by foreign military services to recruit and retain women, and to consider potential best practices for implementation in the United States Armed Forces, as recommended by the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services.

Lee, Susie (D-NV) - Amendment No. 248 - Requires DOD to update service branch abuse programs to explicitly include gambling disorder within six months of enactment.

Lee, Susie (D-NV), Takano (D-CA), Brownley (D-CA), Luria (D-VA), Allred (D-TX), Pappas (D-NH), Cisneros (D-CA), Sablan (D-MP), Levin, Mike (D-CA), Banks (R-IN), Roe (R-TN), Bilirakis (R-FL), Radewagen (R-AS), Watkins (R-KS), Bost (R-IL), Barr (R-KY), Meuser (R-PA), Lamb (D-PA), Rose, Max (D-NY) - Amendment No. 249 - Clarifies the purpose of the interagency program office to include decision-making on functional, technical, and programmatic activities to promote interoperability of electronic health records and requires the Secretaries of the Departments to allocate sufficient resources and authorities for management of the activities of the office, including budget and staffing. Mandates reports to Congress and the public on the activities of the office.

Lesko (R-AZ), Gallego (D-AZ) - Amendment No. 250 - Expresses a sense of the House of Representatives that it's critical for the Air Force to have the capability to train against advanced air adversary and that the Air Force's use of F35As as aggressor aircraft reflects a recognition of the need to field a modernized aggressor fleet. Requires a report from the Air Force on strategy for modernizing the organic aggressor fleet.

Levin, Andy (D-MI), Haaland (D-NM) - Amendment No. 252 - Directs GAO to submit a report regarding the number of defense contractors in the last five years who have been found to have committed willful or repeat violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Levin, Mike (D-CA), Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No. 253 - Authorizes an additional $5 million for Naval University Research Initiatives, which improve the quality of defense research at universities and support the education of engineers and scientists in disciplines critical to national defense needs.

Levin, Mike (D-CA) - Amendment No. 254 - Directs a 1-year independent assessment and 5- year longitudinal study of the Transition Assistance Program, as in Sections 6 and 7 of H.R. 2326.

Levin, Mike (D-CA) - Amendment No. 255 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to report on the Department's Combating Trafficking Persons Initiative.

Lieu (D-CA), Cicilline (D-RI), Malinowski (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 256 - Prohibits in-flight refueling to nonUnited States aircraft that engage in hostilities in the ongoing civil war in Yemen for two years, or until a specific authorization has been enacted.

Lieu (D-CA), Wagner (R-MO), Malinowski (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 257 - Requires a report to Congress detailing the U.S. strategy for Libya.

Loebsack (D-IA), Bustos (D-IL) - Amendment No. 258 - Extends Temporary Installation Reutilization Authority for leasing excess space at Army arsenals, depots, and plants through September 30, 2025. Requires the Secretary of the Army to determine the logistical, information technology, and security requirements to create an internal listing service of Army assets available for lease at Arsenals, depots, and plants.

Loebsack (D-IA), Bustos (D-IL), Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No. 259 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to perform an assessment of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as Maintenance and Manufacturing (STEM) workforce for organizations within the DOD, identify the types and quantities of STEM jobs needed to support future mission work, and identify a plan of action to address the STEM jobs gap.

Lowenthal (D-CA), Woodall (R-GA) - Amendment No. 260 - Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the Department of Defense may continue to consider and select heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that utilize variable refrigerant flow as an option for use in Department of Defense facilities.

Lucas (R-OK) - Amendment No. 261 - Expands an already existing Department of Defense reporting requirement on solid rocket motors to include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Lujan (D-NM) - Amendment No. 262 - Expresses the sense of Congress that the Secretary of Energy should ensure that each laboratory operating contractor or plant or site manager of a National Nuclear Security Administration facility adopt generally accepted and consistent accounting practices for laboratory, plant, or site directed research and development.

Lujan (D-NM) - Amendment No. 263 - Directs Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Office to write a report on the feasibility and benefits of a multiyear entrepreneurial fellowship program. The report will include information on the program’s costs, benefits, and plan for implementation.

Lujan (D-NM), Haaland (D-NM) - Amendment No. 264 - Amends the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act to include a Congressional apology to the states of New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Adopted Voice Y      N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #11
Luria (D-VA) - Amendment No. 265 - Calls attention to musculoskeletal injuries, one of the top injuries facing warfighters, recognizes the importance of tissue repair innovations for these injuries, and encourages continued research and innovation that is occurring within the Navy’s Wound Care Research program.

Luria (D-VA), Khanna (D-CA) - Amendment No. 266 - Directs the Department of Defense to conduct a study on how it could enter into more energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs).

Lynch (D-MA) - Amendment No. 267 - Reestablishes the Commission on Wartime Contracting and requires it to to examine federal agency contracting funded by OCO; federal agency contracting for the logistical support of coalition forces operating under the 2001 or 2002 AUMF; and federal agency contracting for the performance of security functions in countries where coalition forces are operating under the 2001 or 2002 AUMF.

Maloney, Sean (D-NY) - Amendment No. 268 - Improves the ability of separating or retiring members of the Armed Forces to seek state veterans services by enabling them to elect to have their DD-214 shared with county veterans service officers.

Maloney, Sean (NY) - Amendment No. 269 - Ensures the availability of certain medical services at U.S. Service Academies, including emergency room services, orthopedic services, general surgery services and gynecological services.

Mast (R-FL), Bacon (R-NE), Baird (R-IN), Taylor (R-TX), Gaetz (R-FL), Lamb (R-PA) - Amendment No. 270 - Expands eligibility of military MWR housing in order to give financial relief to allow Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) who temporarily lose housing allowance while on mandatory Home Leave status to rent military housing.

McBath (D-GA), Steube (R-FL) - Amendment No. 271 - Exempts from the calculation of monthly income a disabled veteran's disability payments from the VA and DoD during bankruptcy proceedings.

McGovern (D-MA), Walorski (R-IN) - Amendment No. 272 - Authorizes and increases by $11 million the Wounded Warrior Service Dog Program, decreases Operations and Maintenance Defense Wise by $11 million.

McKinley (R-WV) - Amendment No. 273 - Adds the Secretary of Energy to the list of people the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment should consult when establishing guidance as outlined in Section 807 – Acquisition and Disposal of Certain Rare Earth Materials.

McKinley (R-WV) - Amendment No. 274 - Clarifies that the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment should not acquire items simply containing rare earth materials, but should instead focus on acquiring materials with high concentrations of rare earth materials.

McKinley (R-WV) - Amendment No. 275 - Clarifies that the guidance for best value contracting methods should consider if and when sole source contracts with universities or other entities are appropriate.

McKinley (R-WV), Napolitano (D-CA) - Amendment No. 276 - Requires the Department of Defense to submit a report to Congress regarding the resources and authorities the Secretary determines necessary to identify the effects of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program on graduates of that program during the five years immediately preceding the date of the report.

McNerney (D-CA) - Amendment No. 277 - Requires the Department of Defense to submit a plan to reduce facility water consumption intensity by 2 percent annually through the end of fiscal year 2025.

Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 278 - Requires a report on the feasibility of revising the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement to include requirements relating to “consumption-based solutions” to provide capabilities that are metered and billed based on actual usage, with the ability to scale capacity up or down, in line with defense acquisition system reforms identified by the Section 809 Panel created by the FY2016 NDAA.

Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 279 Makes delinquent or unpaid federal taxes one of the data elements federal contractors are required to disclose and periodically update in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS).

Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 280 - Authorizes the service acquisition executive of the relevant military department, in administering software acquisition pathways, to delegate responsibilities under Sec. 801(d) to a program executive officer (or equivalent) to facilitate more rapid acquisition of software applications and software upgrades.

Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 281 - Requires a briefing from the Secretary of Defense detailing how the Trusted Capital Marketplace pilot program will 1) align with critical defense requirements and 2) become self-sustaining.

Meadows (R-NC), Fitzpatrick (R-PA) - Amendment No. 282 - Establishes that it is the policy of the United States to prevent the financing of alShabaab by combatting illicit trafficking and encouraging compliance with international bans on trafficked goods which finance al-Shabaab. Requires a Defense and State Department report on: a) the previous and current engagement of the departments with relevant national and subnational governments, b) recommendations to end trafficking that finances al-Shabaab, and c) the underlying forces leading to continued widespread trafficking.

Meadows (R-NC), Young (R-AK), Chabot (R-OH), Yoho (FL), Cohen (D-TN), Price (D-NC), Titus (D-NV) - Amendment No. 283 - Expresses the sense of Congress that the ability of Mongolia, a consistent troop contributor to United States combat operations and partner of NATO, to protect its sovereignty, democracy, and ability to pursue an independent foreign policy is relevant to the national security interests of the United States.

Meng (D-NY) - Amendment No. 284 - Requires the Department of Defense to submit a report on the number of military installations that may have lead service lines, what steps DOD has taken to replace such lines, and whether DOD has established an awareness campaign to inform military service members and their families of these service lines.

Meng (D-NY), Porter (D-CA), Crow (D-CO) - Amendment No. 285 - Permits any member of the armed services who gives birth to be exempt from deployment for 12 months after such birth unless they request deployment. Current bill text only covers members who give birth while on active duty.

Meng (D-NY), Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No. 286 - Permanently authorizes the Suicide Prevention and Resilience Program.

Miller (R-WV), Peterson (D-MN) - Amendment No. 287 - Adds a provision stating that the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient will be permitted to lay in honor in the rotunda of the Capitol upon death.

Mitchell (R-MI) - Amendment No. 288 - Applies the FY18 NDAA’s increase of the micro-purchase threshold to acquisitions conducted through the issuance of task and delivery orders under multiple award contracts.

Moore (D-WI) - Amendment No. 289 - Expresses the Sense of Congress about the need for the leadership of the National Capital Consortium Psychiatry Residency program to maintain a workplace free of racial, gender or other forms of discrimination or harassment.

Moore (D-WI) - Amendment No. 290 - Calls for a report and recommendations from the Air Force and Defense Logistics Agency on the need for and/or benefits of constructing new or maintaining direct fuel pipeline connections at appropriate Air National Guard and Reserve Installations including any barriers that may impede such projects.
Adopted Voice Y       N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #12
Morelle (D-NY) - Amendment No. 291 - Increases funding for the facility operations and target production within the Inertial Confinement Fusion ignition and High Yield program by $5,000,000 to support laser direct drive. Decreases funding for management, technology, and production within the Stockpile Services by $5,000,000.

Mullin (R-OK), Reschenthaler (R-PA), Crist (D-FL), Hudson (R-NC) - Amendment No.292 - Requires the Department of Defense to report to Congress on the number of its medical providers who were dropped by their medical malpractice insurers prior to being employed by DOD.

Murphy (D-FL) - Amendment No. 293 - Adds a new section to Title II (RDT&E), Subtitle C (Reports and Other Matters) requiring the Secretary of Defense to contract with a federally funded research and development center to prepare a report for the congressional defense committees on the development of hypersonic weapons capabilities by foreign nations and the threat posed by such capabilities to United States territory, forces and overseas bases, and allies.

Murphy (D-FL), Kilmer (D-WA) - Amendment No. 294 - Makes a technical correction to Section 1108 of the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 115-232) to enable federal agencies to use expedited hiring 43 authority for post-secondary students in the manner intended by Section 1108.

Napolitano (D-CA), McKinley (R-WV) - Amendment No.295 - Increases funding for the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program by $50 million. This would match the program’s 2020 funding of $200 million in HR 2740, Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2020.

Norman (R-SC) - Amendment No. 296 - Revises the effective date of a DoD pilot program on bid protests to ensure DoD has audited business systems in place prior to initiating the pilot program.

Norman (R-SC), Roy (R-TX) - Amendment No. 297 - Authorizes a public-private pilot program to train and place veterans as cybersecurity personnel with the DoD.

O'Halleran (D-AZ) - Amendment No. 298 - Includes the U.S. Naval Observatory and its associated facilities in the DOD's "Master Plan for Infrastructure Required to Support Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Missions (Title II, Subtitle C, Sec. 232)".

O'Halleran (D-AZ), Stefanik (R-NY) - Amendment No. 299 - Requires DOD and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to submit a report to Congress on the implementation and results of DHA's June 2018 guidance on first fill opioid prescriptions to TRICARE beneficiaries for acute post-operative pain.

Omar (D-MN) - Amendment No. 300 - Requires contractors performing DoD contracts in foreign countries to report possible cases of gross violations of human rights.

Omar (D-MN) - Amendment No. 301 - Prohibits the use of funds to establish any permanent military base or installation in Somalia.

Panetta (D-CA) - Amendment No. 302 - Authorizes the Army to carry out a pilot program to construct new military housing in diverse climate regions in the United States utilizing the All-American Abode design by the United States Military Academy. 303. Panetta (CA) - Amendment No.52 Requires a report on the legal services the Department of Defense may provide to servicemembers harmed by a health or environmental hazard while living in military housing and dissemination of the information at all U.S. installations.

Panetta (D-CA) - Amendment No. 303 - Requires a report on the legal services the Department of Defense may provide to servicemembers harmed by a health or environmental hazard while living in military housing and dissemination of the information at all U.S. installations.

Panetta (D-CA) - Amendment No. 304 - Requires the Department of Defense to provide a plan to improve the 44 collection and monitoring of information, both financial and non-financial, regarding intergovernmental support agreements.

Panetta (D-CA) - Amendment No. 305 - Requires a report on the efforts of the Department of Defense to improve innovation investments and management.

Panetta (D-CA) - Amendment No. 306 - Expresses sense of Congress that the Army should continue to invest in research, development, test, and evaluation programs to mature future vertical lift technologies.

Panetta (D-CA), Bacon (R-NE), Baird (R-IN), Cisneros (D-CA), Crenshaw (R-TX), Crow (D-CO), Gallagher (R-WI), Golden (D-ME), Houlahan (D-PA), Kinzinger (R-IL), Luria (D-VA), Mast (R-FL), Rose, Max (D-NY), Sherrill (D-NJ), Steube (R-FL), Taylor (R-TX), Waltz (R-FL), Lamb (D-PA), Moulton (D-MA) - Amendment No. 307 - Provides a full military honors ceremony - including funeral escort platoon, military band, firing party, and horse-drawn caisson - to Medal of Honor recipients and Prisoners of War eligible for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Panetta (D-CA), Engel (D-NY), Bacon (R-NE), Gallagher (R-WI), Connolly (D-VA), Hurd (R-TX) - Amendment No. 308 - Reaffirms strong Congressional support for NATO and prohibits the use of funds to withdraw from the alliance.

Panetta (D-CA), Hurd (R-TX), Langevin (D-RI) - Amendment No. 309 - Improves coordination between the federal government, industry, and academia to ensure global superiority of the United States in quantum information science necessary for meeting national security requirements.

Perlmutter (D-CO) - Amendment No. 311 - Makes technical changes to the Advisory Board on Toxic Substances and 45 Worker Health within the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act and extends the authorization for the Office of the Ombudsman.

Perry (R-PA) - Amendment No.312 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress on the threat information sharing between the Department and the Defense Industrial Base, including academic institutions.

Peters (D-CA), Davis, Susan (D-CA), Banks (D-IN), Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) - Amendment No.313 - Establishes a pilot program to provide friends and family of servicemembers a better understanding of the rigors, challenges, and needs associated with military service.

Phillips (D-MN) - Amendment No. 314 - Instructs the Defense Intelligence Agency to provide a report to the Committee on Armed Services and other committees, describing the detailed military capabilities of China and Russia. The report must include a survey of any national training centers and an evaluation of the respective nation’s military and logistical readiness relative to those of the United States. The Defense Intelligence Agency may make use of or add to any existing reports completed by the Agency in order to respond to the reporting requirement.

Phillips (D-MN) - Amendment No. 315 - Requires the Secretary of the Army to submit a report to congress, listing any areas, such as Nike missile sites, that were once used by the military and that have since been reassigned to local governments, as well as the nature of any pollutants that remain on these lands as a result of the military’s activities.

Pingree (D-ME), Crow (D-CO) - Amendment No. 316 - Directs DOD to ensure that Sexual Assault Response Coordinators advise servicemembers who report instances of military sexual trauma about the eligibility of such members for health and benefits services at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Adopted Voice Y      N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #13
Plaskett (D-VI) - Amendment No. 317 - Requires a report regarding transition from Overseas Housing Allowance to Basic Allowance for Housing for servicemembers in the U.S. territories.

Price (D-NC),Schakowsky (D-IL), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Welch (D-VT), Blumenauer (D-OR), Yarmuth (D-KY), Doggett (D-TX), Connolly (D-VA) - Amendment No. 318 - Requires a report from the President on the status of deconfliction channels with Iran to prevent miscalculation.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No.319 - Requires the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment to investigate all reports of reprisals against a member of the Armed Forces for reporting an issue relating to a privatized military housing unit.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No.320 - Preserves the requirement for the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation to produce a public annual report.

Porter (D-CA), Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No.321 - Increases funding for Army University Research Initiatives by $5,000,000.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No.322 - Allows servicemembers to have a private right of action in the event that credit reporting bureaus engage in misconduct related to free credit monitoring.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No.323 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to develop partnerships with civilian academic medical centers and teaching hospitals to improve combat casualty care for personnel of the Armed Forces.

Porter (D-CA), Cisneros (D-CA), Takano (D-CA) - Amendment No. 324 - Makes spouses and other dependents of active duty members of the Armed Forces eligible for the Direct Employment Pilot Program.

Price (D-NC), Young (R-AK), Cisneros (D-CA), Larsen, Rick (D-WA), Panetta (D0CA), Langevin (D-RI), Moulton (D-MA) - Amendment No. 325 - Enables DOD to award three-year competitive grants to DODEA schools and to local education agencies that host a JROTC program for the establishment, improvement, or expansion of world language programs in elementary and secondary schools.

Quigley (D-IL), Kelly, Trent (R-MS) - Amendment No. 326 - Establishes a pilot program on partnerships with civilian organizations for specialized medical skills training program and advanced orthopedic skills training.

Ratcliffe (R-TX) - Amendment No. 327 - Requires DOD to provide a report 47 (TX) looking into the feasibility of establishing a highlevel, interagency U.S.-Taiwan working group for coordinating responses to merging issues related to cybersecurity.

Rice, Kathleen (D-NY) - Amendment No. 328 - Requires the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, to conduct an assessment of the impact that the construction of any planned or proposed border wall would have on the volume of illegal narcotics entering the United States.

Riggleman (R-VA), Luria (D-VA), Wittman (D-VA), McEachin (D-VA), Beyer (D-VA)- Amendment No.329 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to Develop a plan, cost estimate, and schedule for a pilot program to train skilled technicians for immediate placement in the defense industrial base, including critical shipbuilding skills such as welding, metrology, quality assurance, machining, and additive manufacturing.

Roby (R-AL), Davis, Susan (R-CA) - Amendment No.330 - Provides clarity that the authority in section 1521 can be used for the specific purposes enumerated in (H) and (I) in order to give more flexibility for CSTC-A to pursue some of the programs they believe will be helpful.

Ruiz (D-CA) - Amendment No.331 - Requires DOD to conduct an implementation plan to phase out the use of the 9 burn pits included in the DOD report on burn pits to Congress issued in April 2019.

Ruiz (D-CA) - Amendment No.332 - Require DOD to provide Congress and the VA with a list of the locations of military bases, posts, forward operating bases, combat outposts, and any other locations at which open air burn pits have been used.

Ruiz (D-CA), Welch (D-VT) - Amendment No.333 - Requires DOD to provide a detailed report to Congress on the status, methodology, and culmination timeline of all the research and studies being conducted to assess the health effects of burn pits.

Ruiz (D-CA), Welch (D-VT) - Amendment No.334 - Requires DOD to implement mandatory training for all medical providers working under DOD on the potential health effects of burn pits and its early detection, as well as other airborne hazards, such as PFAS, mold, or depleted uranium.

Rutherford (R-FL), Lawson (D-FL), Cisneros (D-CA), Brownley (D-CA), Bacon (R-NE), Dunn (R-FL), Crow (D-CO), Houlahan (D-PA) - Amendment No. 335 - Amends the recurring report required by the FY 2019 NDAA to include an evaluation on the effectiveness of the Transition Assistance Program for female members of the Armed Forces.

Rutherford (R-FL), Waltz (R-FL), DiazBalart (R-FL), Dunn (R-FL), Spano (R-FL), Gaetz (R-FL), Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Crow (D-CO) - Amendment No.336 - Provides U.S. Special Operations Command procurement authority for Light Attack aircraft in support of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Combat Air Advisor (CAA) mission. It also directs the Secretary of the Air Force to obligate, or transfer to USSOCOM, the necessary funds that have been made available for light attack aircraft to procure the required number of aircraft for Air Combat Command’s Air Ground Operations School and AFSOC’s CAA mission.

Sablan (D-MP) - Amendment No.337 - Allows community college students holding or expecting to receive an associate degree to apply for the new Technology and National Security Fellowship program authorized in Section 239 of the bill. Currently the bill limits eligibility to individuals holding or expecting to receive an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Schakowsky (D-IL) - Amendment No.338 - Tasks the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to analyze all contracts and task orders that provide private security firms access to U.S. theaters of military operations in order to compile a report that will inform Congress about the size of the contracting force; the total value of the contracts; the number of persons operating on the contracts that have been wounded or killed; and the disciplinary actions that have been taken against individual contractors.

Schiff (D-CA) - Amendment No.339 - Authorizes inclusion on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of the names of seventy-four crew members of the USS Frank E. Evans killed on June 3, 1969.

Schiff (D-CA) - Amendment No.340 - Authorizes military judges in any proceeding of a military commission at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to order arrangements for remote public viewing of the proceedings via internet.

Schneider (D-IL), Spano (R-FL) - Amendment No.341 - Authorizes for five years the Boots to Business program which helps transitioning service members and veterans become entrepreneurs 49 and create jobs through a standardized threestep entrepreneurship training track while giving access to resources in their local communities. This program currently runs as a collaboration between the Small Business Administration’s Office of Veterans Business Development and the Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program.

Schrader (D-OR) - Amendment No. 342 - Exempts members of the Armed Forces who voluntarily separated from active duty, are involuntarily recalled, and incur a 100 percent service-connected disability during that time from the requirement to repay voluntary separation pay.

Adopted Voice Y       N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #14
Schrader (D-OR) - Amendment No. 343 - Calls for recently separated servicemembers to receive a notice of their rights under the Servicemember Civil Relief Act 180 days following the end of their military service.

Schrader (D-OR), Rooney (R-FL), Welch (D-VT) - Amendment No.344 - Requires the DOD Chief Management Officer to release public versions of the mandated cost savings reports submitted to Congress.

Schrier (D-WA) - Amendment No. 345 - Directs the Secretary of the Navy to adhere to competitive procedures to better ensure small and medium defense contractors can compete with respect to any task order or delivery order issued for a dual aircraft carrier contract for CVN-80 and CVN-81.

Scott, Austin (R-GA) - Amendment No. 346 - Requires all military chaplains receive their religious endorsement badge or insignia upon their commissioning.

Scott, Bobby (D-VA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA) - Amendment No.347 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress on the status of each of the 91 priority recommendations that the Secretary has not implemented in report GAO19-366SP. If the reasoning for not implementing a recommendation is funding, then the Secretary must provide the estimated cost for such implementation.

Shalala (D-FL) - Amendment No.348 - Requires that all OC-135B Open Skies Treaty aircraft recapitalization request for proposals (RFP) be open to a full competitive bidding process from a wide variety of contracts, including those that prioritize existing recently manufactured low-hour/low-cycle aircraft. The RFP shall be open to including recently used 50 aircraft, or parts of aircraft, in addition to “new” aircraft from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Sherman (D-CA), Wilson, Joe (R-SC), Bera (D-CA), Yoho (R-FL), Holding (R-NC), Case (D-HI), Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) - Amendment No. 349 - Adds a sense of Congress regarding improving U.S.-India defense cooperation and requires a report on cooperation in the Western Indian Ocean.

Sherrill (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 350 - Expresses the Sense of Congress that Army Contracting Command – New Jersey plays a vital role in support of major weapons, armaments, and ammunition systems for the Army and other Department of Defense customers.

Shimkus (D-IL) - Amendment No. 351 - Expands U.S. funding for the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to $125 million in order to expand their military and cyber-security infrastructure. This will protect them and Europe from Russia’s continuing aggression in the region.

Smith, Adam (D-WA) - Amendment No. 352 - Authorizes the Department of Energy to impose civil penalties on contractors who retaliate against nuclear safety whistleblowers.

Smith, Adam (D-WA) - Amendment No. 353 - Prohibits the use of funds by the Department of Energy for applying its interpretation of high-level radioactive waste with respect to waste located in the State of Washington.

Smith, Christopher (R-NJ) - Amendment No. 354 - Requires a pilot program on a onestop online application to assist members of the Armed Forces and veterans participating in the Transition Assistance Program.

Smith, Christopher (R-NJ), Harris (R-MD), Peterson (D-MN) - Amendment No.355 - Directs the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to initiate an investigation into the Department’s possible involvement in the bioweaponization of ticks and other insects.

Smith, Christopher (R-NJ), Norcross (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 356 - Requires GAO to conduct a study of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its practices and protocols for identifying misclassification at federal construction projects.

Soto (D-FL) - Amendment No.357 - Increases funding for the manufacturing science and technology program 51 by $5 million for anti-tamper heterogeneous integrated microelectronics. Reduces funding for Army procurement by the same amount.

Soto (D-FL) - Amendment No.358 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to establish trusted supply chain and operational security standards for the purchase of microelectronics products and services by the Department.

Soto (D-FL) - Amendment No. 359 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct, and submit to Congress, an assessment to determine the required size and composition of its operational medical and dental personnel who support the wartime mission.

Soto (D-FL), Schweikert (R-AZ), Rouda (D-CA) - Amendment No. 360 - Directs the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering to provide to the congressional defense committees a briefing on the potential use of distributed ledger technology for defense purposes.

Spanberger (D-VA) - Amendment No.361 - Requires the President's report under Sec. 1264 of the NDAA for FY18 include a list of foreign forces, groups, and individuals for which a determination has been made that force could legally be used under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, including the legal and
factual basis, whether force has been used, and the criteria for designating an individual as lawfully targetable.

Spanberger (D-VA), Cox (D-CA), Eshoo (D-CA), Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 362 - Requires that the Secretary of Defense upgrade the capacity of military criminal investigative organizations in order to confront the misuse of DoD computer networks to access and trade child pornography. Also requires DoD to enter into collaborative agreements with appropriate government and child protection and other organizations.

Speier (D-CA) - Amendment No.363 - Increases funding for the Defense Security Service by $5,206,997 for the purposes of procurement of advanced cyber threat detection sensors, hunt and response mechanisms, and commercial cyber threat intelligence to ensure Defense Industrial Base networks remain protected from nation state adversaries.

Speier (D-CA) - Amendment No.364 - Allows the Secretary of Defense to refer military members for mental health services within the TRICARE network if services cannot be provided 52 at a military medical facility within 15 days.

Speier (D-CA) - Amendment No 365 - Renames the Lejeune High School at Camp Lejeune for recently deceased Congressman and member of the House Armed Services Committee, Walter B. Jones.

Stanton (D-AZ) - Amendment No. 366 - Allows certain veterans who are enrolled in their respective service’s Wounded Warriors Program to continue their enrollment in the Military Services Adaptive Sports Programs for an additional year after separation.

Stauber (R-MN), Duffy (R-WI), Cox (D-CA) - Amendment No. 367 - Requires the Secretary of the Navy to submit a report to the appropriate congressional defense committees a report on the feasibility of doing maintenance work on naval vessels at shipyards other than shipyards in the vessels’ homeport.

Zeldin (R-NY), Luria (D-VA) - Amendment No. 417 - Requires a report on the relationship between the Lebanese Armed Forces and Hizballah.
Adopted Voice     N

Horn (D-OK) En Bloc #15
Stefanik (R-NY), Crow (D-CO) - Amendment No. 369 - Provides a technical correction to the Catch a Serial Offender Program and preserves the nature of a restricted report of military sexual assault.

Stefanik (R-NY) - Amendment No. 370 - Makes a technical change to a provision in last year’s NDAA that requires a consolidated budget display for small business research grants; the clarification adds Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).

Stivers (R-OH), Speier (D-CA), Schrier (D-WA), Kelly, Trent (R-MS) - Amendment No. 371 - Directs the Department of Defense to submit an annual report on findings of the Millennium Cohort Study regarding the gynecological and perinatal health of servicewomen. The report must include completed, ongoing, and proposed research on the gynecological and perinatal health of women servicemembers in addition to areas in need of improvement and what steps the Department of Defense is taking to meet those needs.

Suozzi (D-NY) - Amendment No. 372 - Requires the Secretary of the Navy to conduct a third-party quality review of all radium testing conducted by contractors at locations where the Navy is undertaking projects and activities relating to environmental cleanup.

Takano (D-CA), Calvert (R-CA), Cook (R-CA), Hill, Katie (D-CA), Cartwright (D-PA), Joyce, John (R-PA), Thompson, Mike (D-CA), Matsui (D-CA), Eshoo (D-CA), Cárdenas (D-CA), Sherman (D-CA), Aguilar (D-CA), Lieu (D-CA), Ruiz (D-CA), Lowenthal (D-CA), Vargas (D-CA), Rouda (D-CA),

Napolitano (D-CA), Porter (D-CA), Cox (D-CA), Costa (D-CA), Garamendi (D-CA), Gomez (CD-A), Khanna (D-CA), RoybalAllard (D-CA), Panetta (D-CA), Schiff (D-CA), Waters (D-CA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Brownley (D-CA), Cisneros (D-CA), Harder (D-CA), Lamb (D-PA), Chu (D-CA), Levin, Mike (D-CA), Correa (D-CA), Swalwell (D-CA), Torres, Norma (D-CA), Sánchez (D-CA), Bass (D-CA) - Amendment No.373 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on its current and future plans to consolidate Defense Media Activity. Prohibits funding for such consolidation until at least 180 days have elapsed following the day on which the Secretary of Defense submits the required report.

Thompson, Mike (D-CA) - Amendment No.374 - Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to provide no more than $250,000 per fiscal year for the 54 maintenance, preservation and operation of the Mare Island Naval Cemetery, in Vallejo, California. The amendment stipulates that the funding can only be provided to a historic preservation foundation, designated by the City of Vallejo, which will administer the funds and manage the cemetery on a day-to-day basis.

Torres Small, Xochitl (D-NM) - Amendment No. 376 - Requires the DoD to establish a pilot program to provide broadband access to military families and medical facilities on remote or isolated military installations.

Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No.377 - Directs the National Security Commission on Defense Research at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Other Minority Serving Institutions, in consultation with the Secretary of Education, to make available a list identifying eligible institutions.

Torres, Norma (D-CA) - Amendment No.378 - Requires the President to impose sanctions on Central American officials previously named in reports to Congress.

Torres, Norma (D-CA), Engel (D-NY) - Amendment No.379 - Prohibits the provision of vehicles to joint task forces including the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of the Interior of Guatemala, unless the Secretary of Defense has certified to appropriate Congressional committees that such ministries have made a credible
commitment to only use such vehicles for their intended purpose.

Torres, Norma (D-CA), Gonzalez, Anthony (R-OH) - Amendment No. 380 - Mandates the Department of Defense provide a briefing on its efforts to address manipulated media content, specifically deepfakes, from adversarial sources, and provides a $5 million increase for the Department of Defense’s Media Forensics Program.

Torres, Norma (D-CA), Panetta (D-CA), Cisneros (D-CA), Stevens (D-MI) -Amendment No.381 - Requires the Department of Defense, in consultation with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program, to develop policies to assist small- and mid-sized manufacturers to meet cybersecurity 55 requirements.
Turner (R-OH), Davis, Susan (D-CA) - Amendment No. 383 - Requires the President to prescribe regulations pertaining to the expansion of matters that may be reviewed by military judges and military magistrates prior to the referral of charges in the interest of efficiency in military justice.

Turner (R-OH), Davis, Susan (D-CA) - Amendment No. 384 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to establish a policy that preserves the victims preference for a restricted report in the event a sexual assault allegation was inadvertantly disclosed or reported by an unprotected third party.

Turner (R-OH), Davis, Susan (D-CA) - Amendment No. 385 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to establish comprehensive training standards for Commanders on their role as it pertains to all stages of military justice in connection with the sexual assault by servicemembers against servicemembers.

Velázquez (D-NY) - Amendment No. 387 - Requires a report as to the number of contracts awarded to program participants under the Small Business Program prescribed in 15 USC 637(a).

Velázquez (D-NY) - Amendment No. 388 - Provides permanent authorization to the Department of Defense Mentor Protegé Program and requires annual submission of reports regarding the Program.

Velázquez (D-NY), Cisneros (D-CA) - Amendment No.389 - Amends subsection 15(x) of the Small Business Act to allow prime contractors the ability to double the value of a subcontract for purposes of the subcontracting goals.

Velázquez (D-NY), Sablan (D-MP), San Nicolas (D-GU),Radewagen (R-AS), Plaskett (D-VI) - Amendment No. 390 - Amends subsection 15(x) of the Small Business Act granting small businesses in the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands the contracting credit provided therein.

Wagner (R-MO) - Amendment No.391 - Instructs the Secretary of Defense to brief the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate on the utility and feasibility of establishing a multinational regional security education center based in Southeast Asia to offer year-round training and educational courses for Indo-Pacific civilian and military security personnel, including Englishlanguage training, rule of law and legal studies, security, governance and institution-building courses, and budget and procurement training.

Wagner (R-MO), Lieu (D-CA) - Amendment No. 392 - Requires that all foreign persons receiving training in IMET professional military education programs participate in human rights training.

Walden (R-OR) - Amendment No. 393 - Allows Air Force reserve component personnel to provide pilot training and instruction to address our nation’s pilot shortage.

Walorski (R-IN) - Amendment No. 394 - Recognizes the honorable service of military working dogs and soldier handlers in the Tactical Explosive Detection Dog (TEDD) program and encourages the Army to prioritize adoption of the dogs to former TEDD handlers.
Adopted Voice Y       N

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #16
Waters (D-CA) - Amendment No. 395 - Increases funding for assistance to schools with significant numbers of military dependent students by $10,000,000 in order to further support local educational agencies that serve military communities and families.

Waters (D-CA) - Amendment No.396 - Directs the Department of Defense to produce an assessment of the Direct Employment Pilot Program’s minority outreach efforts, participation outcomes, and participation rates for individuals specified under subsection (a).

Waters (D-CA) - Amendment No.397 - Requires applicable emerging technologies procured and used by the Department of Defense to be tested for algorithmic bias and potential discriminatory outcome.

Welch (D-VT) - Amendment No. 398 - Requires the Department of Defense to semiannually report on monitoring and evaluation measures of direct government-to-government 57 assistance provided to the government of Afghanistan.

Welch (D-VT) - Amendment No. 399 - Requires the Department of Defense to annually report on direct government-to-government assistance provided to the government of Afghanistan.

Welch (D-VT), Cook (R-CA) - Amendment No.400 - Authorizes assistance for deployment-related support of members of the Armed Forces undergoing deployment and their families beyond the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.

Wexton (D-VA) - Amendment No. 401 - Require a GAO report on the feasibility of establishing a program for members of the Armed Forces transitioning to civilian intelligence employment.

Wild (D-PA), Fitzpatrick (R-PA) - Amendment No. 402 - Requires the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs to establish a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) and partner with Academic Health Centers to focus on the unique challenges wounded servicemembers experience. Emphasis should be placed on research that reduces dependency on opioids, develops novel pain management and mental health strategies, and leverages partnerships with industry and medical device manufacturers to advance promising technologies for wounded servicemembers.

Wittman (D-VA), Courtney (D-CT), Ruppersberger (D-MD), Brown (D-MD) - Amendment No. 403 - Establishes a Cable Security Fleet of United States-documented cable vessels in order to provide installation, maintenance, and repair of submarine cables and related equipment.

Yoho (R-FL) - Amendment No. 404 - Technical change to counter-UAS provision ensuring Congressional oversight.

Young (R-AK) - Amendment No.405 - Provides for a strategic Arctic port designation following a comprehensive DoD evaluation and report.

Young (R-AK), Stefanik (R-NY) - Amendment No. 406 - Requires the Secretary of the Army to assess cold weather training requirements and develop a plan to increase and expand cold weather training opportunities.

Young (AR-K), Stefanik (R-NY) - Amendment No. 407 - Requires an independent study and report of Chinese Arctic foreign direct investment, with a focus on the effects of Chinese foreign direct investment on U.S. 58 national security and near peer competition in the Arctic.

McCarthy (R-CA), Cook (R-CA) - Amendment No. 408 - Authorizes funding to assist military installations recovering from earthquakes and other natural disasters in 2019 and requires an earthquake damaged infrastructure restoration master plan be submitted to Congress.

Sherrill (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 409 - Increases the authorized funding in the Defense Health Program for TRICARE lead level screening and testing for children by $5 million.

LaMalfa (R-CA) - Amendment No. 411 - Prohibits funds from being used by the U.S. Air Force for the removal of the Over-the-HorizonBackscatter Radar (OTHB) station located in Modoc County, CA.

Luria (D-VA), Gallego (D-AZ), Haaland (D-NM) - Amendment No.412 - Assists employees during the relocation process.

Phillips (D-MN) - Amendment No.413 - Instructs SECDEF to author a report that prioritizes the list of agencies and/or programs in need of funds under Section 385 to Title 10 of U.S. Code, as well as a justification as to why the money is necessary/beneficial.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No. 414 - Requires a study on the feasibility and effectiveness of routine neuroimaging modalities in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of brain injury among servicemembers due to blast pressure exposure during combat and training.

Porter (D-CA) - Amendment No. 415- Requires a GAO report on defense business processes including analyzing the DOD’s development of a culture that recognizes the important of business processes and reengineering initiatives necessary to achieve improved financial management.

Tonko (D-NY), Morelle (D-NY), Delgado (D-NY), Higgins, Brian (D-NY) - Amendment No. 416 - Increases by $2 million the funding limitation for the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor.

Cunningham (D-SC) - Amendment No. 419 - Makes changes to the Defense Access Roads program to authorize funding towards water management infrastructure; the enhancement or improvement of eligible infrastructure; and infrastructure affected, or projected to be affected, by natural disasters, recurrent flooding, or other environmental conditions. Also expands funding eligibility to roads to air or sea ports that are necessary for the deployment or sustainment of troops, equipment, or supplies.

Rose, Max (D-NY), Brindisi (D-NY), Fitzpatrick (D-PA), Hill, French (R-AR), Trone (D-MD), Lamb (D-PA) - Amendment No. 420 -Requires imposition of sanctions on drug manufacturers who knowingly provide synthetic opioids to traffickers, transnational criminal organizations who mix fentanyl with other drugs and traffic them into the U.S., and financial institutions that assist such entities. Authorizes new funding to U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies while establishing a Commission on Synthetic Opioid Trafficking to monitor U.S. efforts.

Barr (R-KY), Stivers (R-OH) - Amendment No. 422 - Imposes secondary sanctions to cut off Pyongyang’s ability to finance its weapons programs by requiring the Secretary of the Treasury to prohibit, or impose strict conditions on, correspondent or payable-through accounts held in the U.S. by foreign financial institutions that knowingly deal with persons involved in trade or other support for North Korea.

Engel (D-NY) - Amendment No. 426 - Ensures reporting to Congress when U.S. forces are involved in hostilities if the President has not determined that the involvement is authorized by Congress and has not reported it pursuant to the War Powers Resolution.

Engel (D-NY) - Amendment No. 427 - Improves congressional oversight of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) by requiring the President to submit reports and provide briefings on actions related to that authority.

Adopted Voice Y      N
Khanna (D-CA), Sherman (D-CA), Kim (D-NJ), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Norton (D-DC), Cisneros (D-CA), Espaillat (D-NY), Omar (D-MN), Haaland (D-NM), Lofgren (D-CA), Jayapal (D-WA), Perlmutter (D-CO) - Amendment No. 217 - Expresses a Sense of Congress that diplomacy is essential for addressing North Korea's nuclear program as a military confrontation would pose extreme risks, and the US should pursue a sustained and credible diplomatic process to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea and an end to the 69-year-long Korean War.
Adopted Voice Y      N

Stefanik (R-NY) - Amendment No.368 - Updates the title of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence to Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security to match and reflect the OUSD(I)’s existing responsibility for conducting the Department’s security mission over the last several years.
Not Offered Y N

Tipton (R-CO) - Amendment No. 375 - Expressing the sense of Congress that military aviation training in Colorado, including the training conducted at the High-Altitude Army National Guard Aviation Training Site, is critical to the national security of the United States and the readiness of the Armed Forces.
   417 N     6
Turner (R-OH) - Amendment No. 386- Strikes the provision relating to the prohibition on the use of funds for the deployment of lowyield ballistic missile warheads and requires the SECDEF to certify on the availability of proportional response options. 
   201  221

Omar (D-MN) - Amendment No. 421 - Specifies that the DoD plan for diversity in hiring, promotion, and retention should include plans for hiring, promoting, and retaining racial minorities, women, religious minorities, immigrants, members of the LGBTI+ community, and people with disabilities.
Not Offered Y N
Khanna (D-CA), Gaetz (R-FL), Brown (D-MD), Engel (D-NY), Smith, Adam (D-WA), McGovern(D-MA), Levin, Andy (D-MI), Eshoo (D-CA), Himes (D-CT), Slotkin (D-MI), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Crow (D-CO), Ocasio - Cortez (D-NY), Garamendi (D-CA), Biggs (R-AZ), Gallego (D-AZ), Moulton (D-MA), Haaland (D-NM), Jayapal (D-WA), Cicilline (D-RI), Thompson, Mike (D-CA), Pocan (D-WI), Blumenauer (D-OR), Cohen (D-TN), Cisneros (D-CA), Buck (R-CO), Welch (D-VT), Waters (D-CA), DeFazio (D-OR), Omar (D-MN), Beyer (D-VA), Escobar (D-TX), Torres Small (D-OR), Xochitl (D-NM), Harder (D-CA), Norton (D-DC), Schrier (D-WA), Porter (D-CA), Rose, Max (D-NY), Watson Coleman (D-NJ), Kilmer (D-WA), Pressley (D-MA), Speier (D-CA), Tonko (D-NY), DeGette (D-CO), Larson, John (D-CT), Schakowsky (D-IL), Huffman (D-CA), Lowenthal (D-CA), Velázquez (D-NY), Neguse (D-CO), Serrano (D-NY), Lieu (D-CA), Kim (D-NJ), Wild (D-PA), Schweikert (R-AZ), Ruppersberger (D-MD), Lofgren (D-CA), Cox (D-CA), Raskin (D-MD), Malinowski (D-NJ), Houlahan (D-PA), Trahan (D-MA), Lewis (D-GA), Brownley (D-CA), Spanberger (D-VA), Lujan (D-NM), Bonamici (D-OR), Takano (D-CA), Kildee (D-MI), Butterfield (D-NC), Rouda (D-CA), Carbajal (D-CA), Napolitano (D-CA), McCollum (D-MN), Sherrill (D-NJ), Espaillat (D-NY), Tlaib (D-MI), Grijalva (D-AZ), Garcia, Jesús (D-IL), Connolly (D-VA), Kuster (D-NH), Hill, Katie (D-CA), Perlmutter (D-CO), Meeks (D-NY), Wexton (D-VA), Price (D-NC), Dingell (D-MI), Cárdenas (D-CA) - Amendment No. 423 - Prohibits unauthorized military force in or against Iran.
  Y   251  170
Lee,Barbara (D-CA), Lewis (D-GA), Amash (I-MI), Schiff (D-CA), Pocan (D-WI), Crow (D-CO), Engel (D-NY) - Amendment No. 424 - Repeals the Authorization for Use of Military 62 Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243; 50 USC. 1541).
  Y   242  180
Lee, Barbara (D-CA) - Amendment No. 425 - Expresses the sense of Congress that the 2001 AUMF has been utilized well beyond the scope that Congress intended, that it has served a blank check for any President to wage war at any time and any place, and that any new authorization for the use of military force to replace the 2001 AUMF should include a sunset clause, a clear and specific expression of objectives, targets, and geographic scope, and reporting requirements.
  Y    237 N    183
Garcia, Sylvia (D-TX), Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Garcia, Jesús (D-IL), Vargas (D-CA), Tlaib (D-MI), Pressley (D-MA) - Amendment No. 428 - Prevents DOD facilities from being used to house or detain unaccompanied migrant children.
   198 N    223
OcasioCortez (D-NY), Pressley (D-MA), Tlaib (D-MI), Castro (D-TX) - Amendment No. 429 - Prohibits the President from deploying troops on the southern border if the purpose of this deployment is to enforce immigration law.
   179 N   241 P      1 
OcasioCortez (D-NY), Pressley (D-MA), Tlaib (D-MI) - Amendment No. 430 - Prohibits the President from using the authorized funds to detain undocumented immigrants in Department of Defense facilities.
  Y   173   245

Smith (D-WA) En Bloc #17
Rice, Kathleen (D-NY) - Amendment No. 432 - Requires GAO to conduct an audit of ongoing and planned future DOD support for DHS operations to secure the southwest border, with a subsequent briefing and report to Congress.

Stanton (D-AZ), Gallego (D-AZ) - Amendment No. 433 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to modify the pre-separation counseling check-list administered to servicemembers separating from the Armed Forces to provide further information regarding the expedited naturalization resources available to them.

Takano (D-CA), Vargas (D-CA), Davis, Susan (D-CA), Grijalva (D-AZ), Barragán (D-CA) - Amendment No. 434 - Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide the Secretary of Homeland Security with a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214) for each noncitizen honorably discharged from the military for the purposes of including such record in an I-213 Record of Deportable/Inadmissible Alien.

Aguilar (D-CA) - Amendment No. 435 - Directs DOD to debrief non-citizens on how to apply for naturalization when they transition out of the armed services.

Aguilar (D-CA), Garcia, Jesús (D-IL) - Amendment No. 436 - Prohibits persons with DACA or TPS from being separated from the Armed Services to be deported. This also applies to DACA or TPS recipients who were honorably discharged

Pocan (D-WI),Pappas (D-NH), Lowenthal (D-CA), Lee, Barbara (D-CA), Foster (D-IL), Watson Coleman (D-NJ), Norton (D-DC), Maloney, Sean (D-NY), Takano (D-CA), Moulton (D-MA), Higgins, Brian (D-NY), Case (D-HI), Raskin (D-MD), Tonko (D-NY), Heck (D-WA), Schakowsky (D-IL), Escobar (D-TX), Kelly, Robin (D-IL), Brownley (D0CA), Schrader (D-OR), Cohen (D-TN), Omar (D-MN), Jackson Lee (D-TX), DelBene (D-WA), Brown (D-MD), Kennedy (D-MA), Shalala (D-FL), Bonamici (D-OR), Porter (D-CA), Garcia, Jesús (D-IL) -Amendment No. 439 - Requires review of the discharge 64 characterizations of former members of the military who were discharged because of their sexual orientation. Requires boards to change discharge characterizations from dishonorable to honorable in such cases.

Adopted Voice Y      N
Thompson, Bennie (D-MS), Rice, Kathleen (D-NY), Clarke, Yvette (D-NY) - Amendment No. 437 - Prohibits DoD funding to house any foreign nationals who are in the custody of and detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  Y   213 N   204
Malinowski (D-NJ), Cicilline (D-RI), Lieu (D-CA), Khanna (D-CA), Omar (D-MN), Trone (D-MD), Engel (D-NY), Smith, Adam (D-WA) - Amendment No. 438 - Provides for a one-year prohibition on the sale of air-to-ground munitions used in the conflict in Yemen to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while providing an exemption for any export or license suspensions that would incur a cost to the United States Government.
  Y   236  182
Dingell (D-MI) - Amendment No. 440 - Requires the EPA to list PFAS chemicals has hazardous substances under CERCLA within one year
Adopted Voice Y      N
Jayapal (D-WA) - Amendment No. 441 -  Requires studies regarding potential cost savings with respect to the nuclear security enterprise and force structure from the Comptroller General, Federally funded research and development centers, a nongovernmental think tank and the CBO.
  Y   230   189
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