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Amendments to H.R. 50 - Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act of 2017

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Washington, July 13, 2018 | comments
Watson Coleman (D-NJ) - Amendment No. 1 - Strikes Section 5, which repeals the exclusion of independent agencies from reporting requirements.
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Raskin (D-MD) - Amendment No. 2 - Requires a record of any consultation with any non-Federal party and any comments submitted by any non-Federal party to be posted on the agency website within five days after the consultation or date of submission.
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Vargas (D-CA) - Amendment No. 3 - Strikes section 11 from the bill.
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Connolly (D-VA) - Amendment No. 4 - Provides for a sunset of amendments made to the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act and the Congressional Budget Act if GDP growth fails to increase at average annual rate of five percent or more.
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