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Amendments to H.R. 1259 - VA Accountability First Act

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Washington, March 16, 2017 | comments
Roe (R-TN) - Amendment No. 1 - Manager's amendment makes a technical change to the bill to insert "to or" after the word "paid" on page 20, line 15 (10 minutes)
Adopted Voice Y    N

Walz (D-MN) - Amendment No. 2 - Grants the VA Secretary improved authorities to hold VA senior executives and employees accountable, protects employees’ constitutionally guaranteed due process rights, and protects employees’ collective bargaining rights under federal law (10 minutes)
  Y  194 N  223
Hanabusa (D-HI) - Amendment No. 3 - Allows the Secretary to reduce a demoted individual’s pay grade by a minimum of a step, depending on the severity of the misconduct (10 minutes)
Not Offered Y N
Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 4 - Includes as prohibited personnel practices as described in the whistleblower protection subsection of section 3 with those defined in 38 USC 733(c) (10 minutes)
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Duffy (R-WI) - Amendment No. 5 - Directs the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to, at a minimum, suspend an individual who has been charged with the sexual assault of a patient at a Department of Veteran Affairs medical facility (10 minutes)
Not Offered Y N
Taylor (R-VA) - Amendment No. 6 - Requires the Veterans Administration to provide a semi-annual report to the House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs outlining all instances of Senior Executives who are detailed to a new position within the agency. The report will contain details on the purpose of the reassignment as well as the costs associated with the reassignment (10 minutes)
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Tenney (R-NY) - Amendment No. 7 - Requires that performance awards and bonuses provided to senior-level executives within the Department of Veterans Affairs be reported to Congress on an annual basis (10 minutes)
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Kuster (D-NH) - Amendment No. 8 - Requires VA supervisors to develop performance plans for employees, to include steps taken to address poor performance. It would also improve training for supervisors (10 minutes)
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Takano (D-CA) - Substitute Amendment No. 9 - Provides for the suspension and removal of VA employees for performance or misconduct that is a threat to public health and safety in place of the proposed removal process (10 minutes)
  Y  183 N  232

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