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Amendments to H.R. 985 - Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2017

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Washington, March 9, 2017 | comments
Goodlatte (R-VA) - Amendment No. 1 - Amendment strikes the prohibition on the use of the same class counsel if the named plaintiff is a present or former client, or has a contractual relationship with, the class counsel. Because private securities litigation is already governed by conflict of interest and stay of discovery statutes, this amendment also removes private securities litigation class actions from the conflict of interest and stay of discovery requirements under the bill. The amendment also extends the time to 90 days for federal courts to review the sufficiency of the allegations verification submissions made in the section on multi-district litigation, and makes other technical, conforming, and clarifying changes
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Deutch (D-FL) - Amendment No. 2 - Strikes provision on conflicts of interest
  Y  182 N  227
Deutch (D-FL) - Amendment No. 3 - Strikes the fee determination based on equitable relief provision
  Y  189 N  228
Soto (D-FL) - Amendment No. 4 - Strikes section of the bill that stays discovery while motions are pending

Y  192 N  230
Johnson (D-GA) - Amendment No. 5 - Exempts civil actions alleging fraud
  Y  190 N  230
Conyers (D-MI) - Amendment No. 6 - Exempts civil rights actions from the bill’s class action provisions
  Y  191 N  230
Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 7 - Replaces the bill’s substantive provisions with a requirement that asbestos trusts report only aggregated information on demands received and payments made from the asbestos trusts
  Y  193 N  229
Espaillat (D-NY) - Amendment No. 8 - Exempts a claimant who is or has been living in public housing or any dwelling unit for which rental assistance is provided under section 8
  Y  193 N  228
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