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Amendments to H.R. 1009 - OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act

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Washington, March 1, 2017 | comments
Mitchell (R-MN) - Amendment No. 1 - Requires OIRA to review significant guidance documents, clarifies disclosure requirements, and clarifies the process to extend a review
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Buck (R-CO) - Amendment No. 2 - Ensures greater engagement with state, local, and tribal governments in the regulatory process
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Young (R-IA) - Amendment No. 3 - Requires agencies to describe how the agency determined the new regulation is not duplicative or conflicting with any existing or planned regulation and requires agencies to post information to their website
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Meadows (R-NC) - Amendment No. 4 - Requires OIRA to keep a log of the consultations OIRA engages in prior to the formal review of significant regulations, and requires the publication of the list of consultations upon conclusion of the review
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Chaffetz (R-UT) - Amendment No. 5 - Requires OIRA to be prepared to respond to Congressional document requests
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Connolly (D-VA) - Amendment No. 6 - Exempts independent establishments, like the CFPB, from complying with requirements to publish regulations in the Unified Agenda, to issue a Regulatory Plan, and to submit significant regulations to OIRA for review
  Y   188 N    234
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