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Amendments to H.R. 5 - Student Success Act

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Washington, July 8, 2015 | comments
Amendments made in order under Part A of the report accompanying H.Res. 347 (July 8, 2015):

Rokita (R-IN), Grothman (R-WI) – Amendment No. 45 – Sets the authorization from fiscal year 2016 through 2019 (10 minutes)
Adopted Voice  Y      N

Walker (R-NC), DeSantis (R-FL) – Amendment No. 46 – Adds A-PLUS, which would send funding under ESEA back to states in the form of block grants, and states would then be able to direct that funding to any education purpose under state law (10 minutes)

Y   195 N  235
Salmon (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 47 – Allows parents to opt their student out of the testing required under this bill and exempts schools from including students that have opted out in the schools’ participation requirements (10 minutes)
Y   251 N    178

Polis (D-CO) – Amendment No. 48 – Requires states to have college- and career-ready standards and set performance, growth, and graduation rate targets for all student subgroups. The amendment also includes performance targets for English language learners and students with disabilities (10 minutes)
Withdrawn  Y N
Amendments made in order under Part A of the report accompanying H.Res. 125 (February 26, 2015):

Kennedy (D-MA), McGovern (D-MA), Moulton (D-MA), Capuano (D-MA), Neal (D-MA), Keating (D-MA), Lynch (D-MA), Wilson (D-FL)
- Amendment No. 1 - Creates a new STEM gateway program to encourage underrepresented populations to get into STEM fields. 

Grothman (R-WI) - Amendment No. 2 - Reduces the authorization of the bill from 6 years to 3 years.

Meeks (D-NY) - Amendment No. 3 - Requires that states measure student growth and requires that student growth be a part of the accountability system established by the state.
Lawrence (D-MI) - Amendment No. 4 - Adds foster youth as a subgroup for student achievement reporting purposes.
Adopted Voice Y N
Goodlatte (R-VA) - Amendment No. 5 - Provides flexibility for states to allow local educational agencies to development their own assessment in place of the statewide assessment.
Adopted Voice Y N
Castro (D-TX) - Amendment No. 6 - Appoints an ombudsman within the Department of Education to ensure K-12 textbooks are held to high academic standards.

Langevin (D-RI), Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) - Amendment No. 7 - States that if school districts use Title I money for apprenticeships that offer academic credit, or to provide career counseling to students, would require they describe in their local plan how they would use funds for those purposes.
Adopted Voice Y N
Barletta (R-PA) - Amendment No. 8 - States that if school districts use Title I money for after school, before school, or summer school activities, would require they describe in their local plan how they would use funds for those purposes.
Adopted Voice Y N
Quigley (D-IL), McKinley (R-WV), Serrano (D-NY) - Amendment No. 9 - Restores the federal paraprofessional qualifications that are in place under current law.

Fudge (D-OH) - Amendment No. 10 - Reinstates the maintenance of effort requirement, which ties states’ hands on their state spending on education.
DeSaulnier (D-CA) - Amendment No. 11 - Requires LEAs to enter into written agreements with Head Start and other agencies they are working with to carry out early childhood education activities.
Adopted Voice Y N
Davis, Rodney (R-IL), Joyce (R-OH) - Amendment No. 12 - Maintains a provision in current law that nothing in federal law can be construed to upend a state or local collective bargaining law, memorandum of understanding or other agreement. 
Adopted Voice Y N
  Moore, Gwen (D-WI), Davis, Danny K. (D-IL), Wilson (D-FL) - Amendment No. 13 - Adds repetitive language to delay implementation of the new formula for Title II funds until the Secretary determines implementation of the bill wouldn’t reduce funding for schools serving high-need students.

  McKinley (R-WV) - Amendment No. 14 - Ensures states are aligning teacher quality initiatives with critical workforce needs. 
Adopted Voice Y N
Delaney (D-MD), Young (R-IN), Polis (D-CO) - Amendment No. 15 - Makes Pay For Success initiatives an allowable use of funds for states and local educational agencies to improve outcomes and save money by training and supporting teachers. 
Adopted Voice Y N
Jeffries (D-NY) - Amendment No. 16 - Allows states and school districts to provide education on the harms of copyright piracy in order to further educate students to that end.
Adopted Voice Y N
Clark, Katherine (D-MA) - Amendment No. 17 - Clarifies that early childhood education focused professional development is an acceptable use of funds.
Adopted Voice Y N
 Cohen (D-TN) - Amendment No. 18 - Allows for Title II funds to be used for restorative justice and conflict resolution training.
Adopted Voice Y N
Duffy (R-WI), Wilson (D-FL) - Amendment No. 19 - Requires school districts to provide parents, upon request, information on mandated assessments the student will have to take during the school year and any school district policy on assessment participation. 
Adopted Voice Y N
Polis (D-CO), Messer, Luke (R-IN) - Amendment No. 20 - Expresses the sense of Congress on the importance of charter schools in the public education school system.
Adopted Voice Y N
Polis (D-CO), Rokita (R-IN) - Amendment No. 21 - Encourages collaboration and sharing of best practices between charter schools and local education agencies.
Adopted Voice Y N
Kelly, Robin (D-IL) - Amendment No. 22 - Requires Statewide Family Engagement Centers to conduct training programs in the community to improve adult literacy, including financial literacy.
Adopted Voice Y N
Bonamici (D-OR), Costello (R-PA) - Amendment No. 23 - Allows State educational agencies and eligible entities to use Local Academic Flexible Grant funds to audit and streamline assessment systems, eliminates unnecessary assessments, and improves the use of assessments. 
Adopted Voice Y N
Polis (D-CO) - Amendment No. 24 - Allows funding under the Local Academic Flexible grant to be used for the creation of open source and access textbooks and other educational resources.
Adopted Voice Y N
Jackson Lee (D-TX) - Amendment No. 25 - Adds school safety oriented projects as an allowable use under the Local Academic Flexible grant.
Adopted Voice Y N
Wilson (D-FL) - Amendment No. 26 - Creates new requirements for the use of funds under the Local Academic Flexible grant.
Rejected Voice Y N
Courtney (D-CT) - Amendment No. 27 -  Increases the weight of non-connected children residing on military property for the purpose of getting more funding under the impact aid program.
Nolan (D-MN), McCollum (D-MN), Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), Lujan (D-NM), Ruiz (D-CA) - Amendment No. 28 - States that Indian children should not attend school in buildings that are dilapidated or deteriorated.
Adopted Voice Y N
Davis, Susan (D-CA), Dold (R-IL), Polis (D-CO) - Amendment No. 29 - Clarifies the definition of 'school leader' such that it explicitly refers to a school principal as opposed to an off-site administrator.
Adopted Voice Y N
Zeldin (R-NY) - Amendment No. 30 - Clarifies that states may withdraw from the Common Core State Standards or any other state standards without any penalty from the Secretary of Education.

Y   373  N   57
Hurd (R-TX) - Amendment No. 31 - Expresses the sense of Congress that students’ personally identifiable information should be kept private and secure.

Y   424 N   2
Grayson (D-FL) - Amendment No. 32 - Requires the Secretary of Education to conduct an assessment of the impact of school start times on student health, well-being, and performance.

Y    199 N   228
Wilson (D-FL) - Amendment No. 33 - Creates a new program for dropout prevention and reentry to school.

Y    192 N   237
Castro (D-TX), Stivers (R-OH) - Amendment No. 34 - Requires the state to include in the state plan a description of how such youth would receive assistance from counselors to advise, prepare, and improve college readiness.
Adopted Voice Y N
Carson (D-IN) - Amendment No. 35 - Creates a national research strategy for teachers and student achievement.
Y    186 N   245
Collins, Doug (R-GA) - Amendment No. 36 - Improves accountability and ensures proper oversight of taxpayer funds.
Adopted Voice Y N
Dold (R-IL) - Amendment No. 37 - Prohibits a state from mandating LEAs use a portion of federal funds to support the state pension program beyond what would be deemed the “normal cost” of a teacher participating in the pension program who is not funded with federal money. 
Adopted Voice Y N
Flores (R-TX) - Amendment No. 38 - Expresses the sense of the Congress that reaffirms students, teachers, and schools administrators’ right to exercise religion.
Adopted Voice Y N
Brownley (D-CA) - Amendment No. 39 - Creates a grant program for states to create or expand biliteracy seal programs to recognize student proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in both English and a second language for graduating high school seniors. 

Y   191 N   239
Loebsack (D-IA) - Amendment No. 40 - Creates a new program a new digital learning program for rural schools.

Y   218 N   213
Polis (D-CO) [for Meng (D-NY)] - Amendment No. 41 - Creates a new early education program.

Y   205 N   224
Schrader (D-OR), Polis (D-CO) - Amendment No. 42 - Creates a new program for career and technical education programs
Not Offered
Thompson, Bennie (D-MS) - Amendment No. 43 - Stalls the implementation of the reforms in the Student Success Act until the Secretary of Education determines the law will not impact the college and career readiness of racial or ethnic minorities, student with disabilities, English learners, or low-income students.

Y   189 N   241
Scott, Bobby (D-VA) - Amendment No. 44 - (Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute) - Reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to maintain the civil rights and equity focus of the law and to ensure all students have access to an education that prepares them for college and the workforce. Supports all students, and in particular those who are historically disadvantaged, through access to high quality state-developed standards, a meaningful but flexible accountability and school improvement system, improved and targeted professional development and working conditions for teachers and school leaders, additional learning time and after-school programs, and dedicated supports for wrap-around services for students and a well-rounded education.

Y   187 N   224
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