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Extensions / General Leave

Extension of Remarks

Members may insert statements in the Extension of Remarks section of the Congressional Record. These statements may be on any subject and typically range from tributes to a local High School sports team to outlining a Members position on an upcoming piece of legislation. 

Extensions of remarks are limited to two printed pages of the Congressional record which is roughly equivalent to five single-spaced typed pages.

General Leave

During consideration of legislation, debate time is limited. In order to accommodate Members who are unable to obtain time or, for other reasons, unable to be present on the Floor to make their remarks in person, the Majority manager of a bill will request unanimous consent (referred to as General Leave) for all Members to have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks in the Congressional Record.

There is no limit to a Member’s original words but extraneous material (anything other than a Member’s original words such as a letter from a constituent, newspaper or magazine articles, or reports) are limited to two printed pages of the Congressional Record which is roughly five single-spaced pages or ten double-spaced pages. Footnotes, pictures, charts, table, and graphs will not be printed. 

How to Submit

Material for the Congressional Record must bear the original signature of the submitting Member.  For that reason the Cloakroom cannot accept faxed or electronic copies of Extensions or General Leave Statements.

Staff may bring material for the Congressional Record to the Floor while the House is in session and give it to the Chamber Security personnel at the Main Door to the Chamber.  During Special Orders and Recesses the materials may be dropped off in the Speaker’s Lobby.   Chamber Security personnel will ensure the material is given to the Cloakroom.  

In addition to the hard copy, an electronic copy may be sent to the Reporters of Debates to help ensure that the Member’s statement is printed properly.   Click here for instructions on how to submit electronic copies.

In order to insert something into the Congressional Record which is longer than the two-page limit, a cost estimate from GPO must be obtained and a separate unanimous consent request made. For further information, please call the Office of Official Reporters at 202 225-5621.