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Amendments to H.R. 7666 – Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022

Each amendment receives up to 10 minutes of debate. Each En Bloc receives up to 20 minutes of debate.

Bipartisan En Bloc #1: VOTE REQUESTED

Bera (D-CA) – Amendment No. 1 – Adds the House passed Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (HERO) Act, which establishes a series of programs relating to the behavioral health of law enforcement officers, first responders, 9-1-1 operators, and other public safety officers and health care providers

Feenstra (R-IA) – Amendment No. 5 – Requires the Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office to include the Veterans Crisis Line as an entity to provide rapid post-crisis follow-up care

Joyce (R-OH) – Amendment No. 9 – Requires the Department of Defense to carry out a two-year pilot program aimed at preventing suicides amongst active duty members of the Armed Forces by predownloading resources onto smart devices issued to members of the Armed Forces and to provide training on the use of these resources

Katko (R-NY) – Amendment No. 10 – Adds the House-passed Suicide Prevention Lifeline Improvement Act, which includes enhanced funding for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, authorization for HHS to develop and implement an enhanced quality assurance plan for the suicide prevention hotline, improved data sharing with the CDC, and a pilot program for innovative technologies for suicide prevention

Moore (D-WI) – Amendment No. 13 – Add appropriate state, local, and tribal public officials administering programs that serve low-income pregnant and postpartum individuals to the list of entities that the Secretary should consult with in operating and maintaining the maternal mental health hotline

Napolitano (D-CA) – Amendment No. 14 – Revises Project AWARE, which is administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, to provide comprehensive school-based mental health services, including screening, treatment, and outreach programs

Pressley (D-MA) РAmendment No. 15 РRequires HHS to administer a report to study rates of suicidal behaviors among children and adolescents with chronic illnesses, including substance use disorders, autoimmune disorders and heritable blood disorders and to submit a report to Congress 

Reschenthaler (R-PA) – Amendment No. 16 – Requires a study to determine the true costs of untreated serious mental illness on families, health care systems, public housing, and law enforcement in America

Bipartisan En Bloc #2: VOTE REQUESTED

Davis (R-IL) – Amendment No. 2 – Adds the text of HR 2355, the Opioid Prescription Verification Act of 2021, which encourages the expanded use of electronic prescribing for opioids similar to the mandate for Medicare Part D opioid prescriptions under current law. Incentivize states to maintain and fully utilize prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP) and requires the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to work with the CDC, DEA, and FDA to offer materials and guidance to pharmacists on how to verify the identity patients to help facilitate safe and responsible opioid prescriptions

Dean (D-PA) – Amendment No. 3 – Increases the time limit for health care providers to use and hold long-acting injectable (LAI) buprenorphine, if received through a specialty pharmacy, from 14 to 60 days

Gottheimer (D-NJ) – Amendment No. 7 – Includes veterans as an eligible group for mental health and substance abuse care

Kim (D-NJ) – Amendment No. 11 – Adds the text of the Synthetic Opioid Danger Awareness Act, which requires HHS to conduct a public education campaign about synthetic opioids (including fentanyl and its analogues), disseminate information about synthetic opioids to health care providers, and develop a training guide and webinar for first responders and other individuals at high risk of exposure to synthetic opioids that details measures to prevent exposure

McKinley (R-WV) – Amendment No. 12 – Amends the Controlled Substances Act to clarify the process for registrants to exercise due diligence upon discovering a suspicious order

Trone (D-MD) – Amendment No. 17 – Authorizes State Opioid Response (SOR) Grants and Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) Grants for 5 years at $1.75 billion per year, with a 5% set-aside for TOR

Demings (D-FL) – Amendment No. 4 – Requires a report on the available mental health and stress related resources or programs that are available to law enforcement officers. The report shall include additional legislative tools and authorities that may be helpful or necessary to assist in assessing, monitoring, and improving the mental health of law enforcement officers – VOTE REQUESTED

Rodgers (R-WA) (On behalf of Rep. Ferguson) – Amendment No. 6 – Requires the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop best practices for establishing behavioral intervention teams in educational settings – VOTE REQUESTED

Griffith (R-VA) – Amendment No. 8 – Sets January 1, 2024 as date of applicability for Sec. 262 to allow states time to review and update state law, if desired – VOTE REQUESTED