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Amendments to H.R. 7343 – Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act

Standalone amendments receive up to 10 minutes of debate

Molinaro (R-NY) – Amendment No. 1 – Requires a GAO study on the number of illegal immigrants detained for assaulting a police officer over the past 5 years. – ADOPTED BY VOICE

Norman (R-SC) – Amendment No. 2 – Clarifies that law enforcement includes campus police and school resource officers. – ADOPTED BY VOICE

NOT OFFERED Jacobs (D-CA) – Amendment No. 3 – Requires the Comptroller General of the United States to define the term “other first responders” before the bill takes effect.

LaLota (R-NY) – Amendment No. 4 – Requires the Secretary of DHS to submit an annual report to both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees on the number of aliens detained in the custody of DHS. – ADOPTED BY VOICE.