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Amendments to H.R. 485 – Protecting Health Care for All Patients Act

Standalone amendments receive up to 10 minutes of debate

Molinaro (R-NY) – Amendment No. 1 – Requires a study on how the quality-adjusted life year measure negatively impacts individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their access to care. – PASSED BY VOICE

Ogles (R-TN) – Amendment No. 2 – Provides rule of construction that nothing in this act impact that which is allowable under current law such that it is not relying on the utilization of a dollars-per-quality adjusted life year or similar measure in a manner that violates section 2. (I.e., it clarifies the restrictions in this act do not apply to otherwise lawful use of metrics that do not discriminate on the basis of disability status, age, terminal illness, etc.) – WILL NOT BE OFFERED