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Amendments to H.R. 4176 – LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act

Each amendment receives up to 10 minutes of debate. 

Jackson Lee (D-TX) – Amendment No. 1 – Requires a report to Congress from the Comptroller General about the impact of the implementation of this Act on the provision of services to persons according to their gender identity, sexual orientation, and variations in sex characteristics – VOTE REQUESTED

Maloney, C (D-NY), on behalf of Maloney, S (D-NY) – Amendment No. 2 – Clarifies that when applicable, federal surveys should gather information from a knowledgeable proxy of a deceased LGBTQI+ individual – VOTE REQUESTED

Maloney, C (D-NY), on behalf of Tlaib (D-MI) – Amendment No. 3 – Requires agencies collecting information through a covered survey to establish data standards and protocols for anonymizing data collected and destroying personally identifiable information at the appropriate time, which cannot be later than 3 years after

Passed by Voice