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Amendments to H.R. 3935 – Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act

green and purple differentiate between en blocs

black indicates a stand alone amendment

The Rule provides for en bloc authority

Graves (R-MO) – Amendment No. 1 –  Makes technical, conforming, and clarifying changes throughout the bill. Further, it incorporates new provisions and revisions based on amendments offered and withdrawn at the Transportation Committee’s markup – ADOPTED BY VOICE

Adopted by Voice


Bean (R-FL) – Amendment No. 2 –  This amendment would expand eligibility to include connecting taxiways under Sec. 685. AIP Eligibility For Certain Spaceport Infrastructure

Brown (OH) – Amendment No. 5 –  Requires air carriers and foreign air carriers to provide complementary drinking water to all passengers on all domestic and international flights over 1 hour

Cammack (R-FL) – Amendment No. 8 –  Makes catchment area analyses eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds

Carbajal (CA) – Amendment No. 9 –  Directs the FAA to start a pilot program for mobile clearance for general aviation and Part 135 air carriers

Case (HI) – Amendment No. 11 –  Directs the Federal Aviation Administration, in consultation with the Department of State, to submit a report to Congress on airports of strategic importance in the Indo-Pacific region

Case (HI) – Amendment No. 12 –  Directs GAO to conduct a study on grant implementation at airports in the Freely Associated States

Castro (TX) – Amendment No. 13 – Requires the Department of Transportation to make publicly available the Uniform report of DBE awards commitments and payment for each airport sponsor beginning with fiscal year 2024

Ciscomani (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 14 –  Directs the FAA to prioritize funding for certain projects and details how they should go about dispensing funds

Ciscomani (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 15 –  Creates new priority criteria for the secretary to consider regarding air traffic controllers

Cloud (R-TX) – Amendment No. 16 –  Requires energy project applicants submitted to the FAA to submit a foreign agent and principal disclosure

Davids (D-KS) – Amendment No. 17 –  Revises language in Section 507 to change the deadline in Section 507(2)(b) from 30 days to 60 days

DelBene (D-WA) – Amendment No. 18 –  Expands the Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment (ASCENT) to conduct research on hydrogen to increase aviation decarbonization, in addition to other research authorized to be carried out by ASCENT

Deluzio (D-PA) – Amendment No. 19 –  Directs GAO to conduct a report on the effect of airline mergers for consumers. (10 minutes)

DeSaulnier (D-CA) – Amendment No. 20 – Creates a Task Force on Human Factors in Aviation Safety to analyze current risks related to human factors and identify recommendations to decrease the risks

Donalds (R-FL) – Amendment No. 21 – Expresses the Sense of Congress that Congress encourages the FAA to welcome the use of drones to bolster and augment traditional manual inspection, survey, and maintenance operations (e.g. operations relating to electric transmission infrastructure, water quality and detecting harmful algal blooms, transportation infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, etc.)

Donalds (R-FL) – Amendment No. 22 –  Directs the Comptroller General to consult with FAA-certified airports and industry stakeholders to evaluate the airports’ emergency response plans and determine whether such plans appropriately assess electricity-related considerations relating to primary power source disruption events stemming from natural disasters

Eshoo (D-CA) – Amendment No. 24 – Requires the FAA to solicit feedback from communities impacted by aircraft noise as part of the Community Collaboration Program

Espaillat (D-NY) – Amendment No. 25 –  Requires the FAA to consider vulnerabilities of in-flight wifi that may lead to the exposure of passenger data

Adopted by Voice

NOT OFFERED Brecheen (R-OK) – Amendment No. 3 –  Tasks the National Academy of Sciences with only studying the cybersecurity workforce and coming up with recommendations to increase its size and quality, not increase the force’s diversity

NOT OFFERED Brecheen (R-OK) – Amendment No. 4 –  Prohibits funding for the Airport Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program and the Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

NOT OFFERED Buchanan (R-FL) – Amendment No. 6 –  Requires the Comptroller General of the United States to conduct a study into raising the retirement age of air traffic controllers


Feenstra (R-IA) – Amendment No. 26 – Directs the Secretary of Transportation to take such actions as are necessary to respond with an approval or denial of any application for the provision of essential air service to the greatest extent practicable no later than 6 months after receiving such application

Fitzpatrick (R-PA) – Amendment No. 28 –  Makes alterations to the structure and timeframe of the aviation rulemaking committee established by Sec. 522

Garcia, Robert (D-CA) – Amendment No. 30 –  Modifies cockpit voice recording preservation requirements to include real-world nearly catastrophic close-call incidents (for example, almost landing on another plane when lined up on a taxiway rather than a runway at SFO in 2017; or flying way past its destination airport at MSP in 2009). Also restates protections for pilots’ privacy

González Colón (R-PR) – Amendment No. 31 –  Authorizes a GAO study on air cargo operations in Puerto Rico 

Gooden (R-TX) – Amendment No. 32 –  Applies equal NOTAM prohibitions to air carriers and foreign air carriers landing in or taking off from a U.S. airport from overflying Russian airspace

Gottheimer (D-NJ) – Amendment No. 34 – Requires a GAO study on flight delays at airports in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and possible causes

Hageman (R-WY) – Amendment No. 37 – Includes language that requires the Administrator, when implementing and updating the acquisition management system, to take into account the life cycle, reliability, performance, service support, and costs to guarantee the acquisition of equipment that is of high quality and reliability resulting in greater performance and cost-related benefits for airports

Hageman (R-WY) – Amendment No. 38 –  Requires the FAA to take necessary actions to provide easily accessible and streamlined non-federal weather observer training to airport personnel in that such personnel can manually provide weather observations when automated surface observing systems and automated weather observing systems experience outages and errors

Hageman (R-WY) – Amendment No. 39 –  Requires the Comptroller General of the United States to conduct a study on methods related to the recruitment, retention, employment, education, training, and well-being of the aviation workforce specifically within rural communities, and report the findings to Congress

Higgins (R-LA) – Amendment No. 40 –  Directs the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation to conduct and submit an assessment on the mitigation of unmanned aircraft systems at the border

Hill (R-AR) – Amendment No. 41 – Requires the FAA to brief the Senate and House Committees of jurisdiction on the status of the Little Rock VORTAC relocation project

Houlahan D-(PA) – Amendment No. 42 –  Requires FAA to provide notification and financial reimbursement to specified aviation entities for financial losses incurred because of closures due to Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) related to any residence of the President which is secured by the U.S. Secret Service, subject to an audit of the financial losses incurred

Hoyle (D-OR) – Amendment No. 43 – Requires the FAA to develop and publish safety training materials for airport ground crew workers (including supervisory employees) to help prevent accidents involving aircraft engine ingestion and jet blast hazards

Huizenga (R-MI) – Amendment No. 45 –  Prevents Secretary of Transportation from requiring that an airport shorten or narrow their runway, apron, or taxiway as a condition for funding if the airport supports an Air Force or Air National Guard base at the airport, regardless of stationing of military aircraft

Johnson (R-SD) – Amendment No. 49 –  Encourages the FAA to utilize cloud-based, interactive digital platforms to meet community engagement and agency coordination requirements in the environmental review process

Kean (R-NJ) – Amendment No. 51 – Directs the FAA to consult the DOD regarding powered-lift aircraft operating regulations

Kilmer (D-WA) – Amendment No. 52 –  Revises the expansion of AIP for resiliency improvements to include Incident Support Bases, defines natural disasters, and clarifies the full scope of AIP improvement projects for eligible airports

Lee (D-NV) – Amendment No. 55 –  Adds research to sections on use of UAS in wildfire prevention, response and mitigation, as well as agricultural uses, to make clear that processes to allow for research into wildfires and agriculture must be considered in any federal rulemaking process related to UAS

Lynch (D-MA) – Amendment No. 57 –  Revises the representative in the task force on Aviation and Airport Community Engagement to ensure that multiple airport communities and communities around airports are included

Lynch (D-MA) – Amendment No. 58 –  Ensures deliberate engagement with local community groups for the Community Collaboration Program

Adopted by Voice


Lawler (R-NY) – Amendment No. 54 –  Directs the GAO to conduct a study on the shortage of pilots faced by air carriers

Lucas (R-OK) – Amendment No. 56 –  Ensures FAA’s future plans to expand air traffic controller training facilities focuses on improving staff training without duplicating existing federal investments 

Magaziner (D-RI) – Amendment No. 59 –  Allows Airport Improvement Program funds to be used for projects to comply with cybersecurity standards and recommendations from the Civil Aviation Cybersecurity Rulemaking Committee

Meng (D-NY) – Amendment No. 63 –  Clarifies that as part of the Part 150 Noise Standard Update, feedback should be solicited from individuals living in overflight communities

Neguse (D-CO) – Amendment No. 66 –  Requires the Community Collaboration Program to directly interview impacted residents

Peltola (D-AK) – Amendment No. 72 – Adds extensions needed for fuel/firefighting operations/etc. that are often pushed out as ineligible, yet very much needed to allow Alaska’s aviation system to function more smoothly and allow for heavier payloads to remote locations

Pettersen (D-CO) – Amendment No. 78 –  Strikes “in decision-making processes” in Sec. 135 to allow more avenues for the public to have their concerns relayed to the Aviation Noise Officer to provide to the Administrator

Pettersen (D-CO) – Amendment No. 79 – Requires the FAA, within 1 year of enactment, to develop guidance on what medications should be readily available without additional approval on the in-flight medical kits

Pettersen (D-CO) – Amendment No. 80 –  Requires the Pilot Mental Health Task Group to review protocols of allowable antidepressants for a pilot’s medical certification

Pettersen (D-CO) – Amendment No. 81 –  Directs the Pilot Mental Health Task Force to consider implementing the recommendations from the Department of Transportation Inspector General’s report on Comprehensive Evaluations of Pilots with Mental Health Challenges

Pfluger (R-TX) – Amendment No. 82 –  Provides a sense of Congress that route structures to rural airports serve a critical function to our Nation by connecting many of our military installations to major regional airline hubs

Porter (D-CA) – Amendment No. 83 –  Requires the Comptroller General of the United States to conduct a study on the response time of the FAA Administrator in regard to congressional inquiries and requests, in addition to requiring the FAA Administrator to annually testify before Congress on the agency’s efforts activities, objectives, plans, and efforts to engage with Congress and the public

Pressley (MA) – Amendment No. 84 – Requires GAO study on transit access to airports 

Rose (R-TN) – Amendment No. 86 –  Requires GAO to issue a report to Congress on the recent mass flight cancellations that occurred over the Fourth of July holiday. The report would require an examination of the period beginning two weeks before July 4th, 2023, and ending two weeks after July 4th, 2023. The report would examine the actions of the Secretary of Transportation and the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to mitigate flight cancellations and disruptions as well as any actions not taken by the Secretary or Administrator that may have mitigated flight cancellations and disruptions

Van Drew (R-NJ) – Amendment No. 95 –  Adds large UAS operators as a member of the Unmanned and Autonomous Flight Advisory Committee

Westerman (R-AR) – Amendment No. 96 –  Makes technical corrections to Section 204 to ensure data privacy and enhance the safety of general aviation aircraft personnel and passengers

Westerman (R-AR) – Amendment No. 97 –  Clarifies that BVLOS rulemaking should ensure the safety of manned aircraft in the national airspace 

Adopted by Voice

NOT OFFERED Burgess (R-TX) – Amendment No. 7 – Allows the use of electronic shipping papers for air transportation of dangerous goods 

Langworthy (R-NY) – Amendment No. 10 – Strikes Sec. 546 to maintain current training requirements for a person who is applying for an airline transport certificate with an airplane category and class rating – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 243
N 191

Donalds (R-FL) – Amendment No. 23 –  Directs the FAA Secretary to consult with Part 141 flight schools and industry stakeholders to establish an apprenticeship program to bolster the qualified pilot pipeline – ADOPTED BY VOICE

Adopted by Voice

Feenstra (R-IA) – Amendment No. 27 – Exempts nonhub airports from the requirement to have at least one individual who maintains certification as an emergency medical technician during air carrier operations – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 203
N 231

Fitzpatrick (R-PA) – Amendment No. 29 – Requires the FAA to implement as a rule the recommendations issued by the aviation rulemaking committee for commercial passenger aircraft established by Sec. 522 – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 392
N 41

Gosar (R-AZ) – Amendment No. 33 –  Prohibits changes to existing National Park air tour management plans – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 196
N 236

Miller (R-IL) on behalf of Greene (R-GA) – Amendment No. 35 – Requires the Inspector General to investigate the FAA’s decision to broaden the acceptable EKG range for pilots to fly – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 177
N 258

Miller (R-IL) on behalf of Greene (R-GA) – Amendment No. 36 – Requires airlines to reinstate pilots who were fired or forced to resign because of vaccine mandates – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 141
N 294

Huizenga (R-MI) – Amendment No. 44 –  Requires the Secretary of Transportation — in the process for prioritizing awarding grants under the Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure Pilot Program established and described in P.L. 119-328 — to also prioritize eligible entities that collaborate with the DOD or National Guard – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 220
N 215

NOT OFFERED Huizenga (R-MI) – Amendment No. 46 –  Allows volunteer pilot organizations to reimburse a volunteer pilot for certain aircraft operating expenses incurred by the pilot when making a charitable flight in support of the volunteer pilot organization’s mission

Issa (R-CA) – Amendment No. 47 –  Requires the FAA Administrator to make an objective, independent assessment of a NOTAM request when the request comes from outside the FAA – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 214
N 219

Jackson (R-TX) – Amendment No. 48 –  Revises Section 608 to add concentrated animal feeding operations and eligible meat and food processing facilities to the list of Applications for Designation – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 211
N 224

Kean (R-NJ) – Amendment No. 50 – Requires the Secretary of Transportation to refine the reporting directives to provide more detailed information about the cause of a commercial passenger flight cancellation or delay, allowing greater transparency to the traveling public regarding the cause of a canceled or delayed flight – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 240
N 195

LaMalfa (R-CA) – Amendment No. 53 –  Requires the FAA to promulgate a rule which will allow for restricted category aircraft performing a wildfire suppression operation to transport firefighters to and from the site of a wildfire if those firefighters are performing ground wildfire suppression

Adopted by Voice

McClintock (R-CA) – Amendment No. 62 –  Strikes authorization for the Essential Air Service – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 49
N 386

Miller (R-IL) – Amendment No. 64 –  Requires a report on the Secretary of Transportation flight records – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 216
N 219

Miller (R-IL) – Amendment No. 65 –  Restricts funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion officials or training – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 181
N 254

Obernolte (R-CA) – Amendment No. 67 – Requires the FAA to implement an accountability system that ensures students can schedule an airman practical test in no more than fourteen (14) calendar days after the test is requested – ADOPTED BY VOICE

Adopted by Voice

Obernolte (R-CA) – Amendment No. 68 – Allows FAA approved high-octane unleaded aviation gasoline to be sold at airports in lieu of 100 octane low-lead aviation gasoline – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 229
N 205

Ogles (R-TN) – Amendment No. 69 –  Strikes “social” from the scope of factors examined under the FAA Beyond Program – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 191
N 244

Ogles (R-TN) – Amendment No. 70 –  Clarifies that a study of turbulence should include a focus on weather conditions rather than climate change since weather is the proximate cause – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 206
N 227

Owens (R-UT) – Amendment No. 71 – Protects all existing flights at Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). This amendment adds 7 new roundtrip in-and-beyond perimeter slots to DCA split between the 7 airlines servicing the airport – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 205
N 229

Perry (R-PA) – Amendment No. 73 – Strikes sec. 1132 (CLEEN) – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 127
N 307

Perry (R-PA) – Amendment No. 74 – Reduces the authorization levels in sections 101, 103, and 1111 – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 52
N 380

Perry (R-PA)  – Amendment No. 75 –  Strikes vertiport from the AIP definitions section


Vote Requested
Y 45
N 387


Manning (D-NC) – Amendment No. 60 –  Adds a Sense of Congress on FAA engagement with HBCUs and MSIs on aviation workforce development

Manning (D-NC)  – Amendment No. 61 –  Requires the FAA Administrator to report to Congress on implementation of the FAA Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force’s recommendations on increasing access to information and enhancing collaboration

Quigley (D-IL) – Amendment No. 85 –  Clarifies requirements of the joint DoD and FAA dynamic scheduling airspace system pilot program and requires a report to Congress on the impact of dynamic scheduling and management of special activity airspace and special use airspace

Rouzer (R-NC) – Amendment No. 87 –  Clarifies adoption of the Aeromedical Innovation and Modernization Working Group’s findings and creates a Medical Portal Modernization Task Group, comprised of working group members, to study creating a portal for pilots to track the status of their medical application

Rouzer (R-NC) – Amendment No. 88 –  Prohibits DOT procurement of drones from certain foreign adversaries, including China and Russia

Ruiz (D-CA) – Amendment No. 89 –  Requires the Comptroller General to conduct a study on the closure of the Banning Municipal Airport in Banning, California

Scott, David (D-GA) – Amendment No. 90 – Revises Sec. 483 (Engagement Events) to increase the number of annual events the FAA must convene to engage with aviation-impacted communities in each geographic region of the Administration from one to two

Self (R-TX) – Amendment No. 91 –  Provides a feasibility study to determine what the cost would be to harden satellites that contribute to U.S. aerospace navigation

Sherrill (D-NJ) – Amendment No. 92 – Mandates an FAA study within 180 days that researches prior instances and national security implications of airborne incidents or misrepresentations of domestically launched, unbeaconed, unmanned free balloons and the technical efficacy of putting an electronic emitter onboard said launches. Includes a survey of the private/commercial community’s use of current tracking technology and the ability of civil and military authorities’ to harness those emissions for use in the national airspace domain awareness enterprise

Steil (R-WI) – Amendment No. 93 – Directs the FAA to update FAA Order 7031.2C to lower the remote radar bright display scope installation requirement from 30,000 annual itinerant operations to 15,000

Thompson (R-PA) – Amendment No. 94 –  Requires the Department of Transportation and National Academies to conduct a study on the loss of commercial air service in small communities throughout the country, and to provide recommendations on how to restore service to these communities

Williams (R-NY) – Amendment No. 99 – Conducts a study of surface surveillance systems that are operational as of the date of enactment of this Act. Demonstrates that any change to the configuration of such systems or decommissioning of a sensor from such systems provides an equivalent level of safety as the current system

Yakym (R-IN) – Amendment No. 100 –  Extends the air traffic control maximum hiring requirement through Fiscal Year 2028

Smith (R-NJ) – Amendment No. 101 – Requires the President or his designee to certify offshore wind projects in the North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic Planning Area will not compromise radar or create risks to aviation and space activities. Requires the Inspector General to audit the sufficiency of the offshore wind project approval process and the consideration of parties effected by radar interference

Boebert (R-CO) – Amendment No.102 –  Requires the report on future electric grid resiliency in the underlying bill to also be made available to the American people on a public website

Boebert (R-CO) – Amendment No. 103 – Requires the report on telework in the underlying bill to also be made available to the American people on a public website

Beyer (D-VA) – Amendment No. 104 – Commissions study to modernize aeronautical standards

Vote Requested
Y 348
N 57

Perry (R-PA) – Amendment No. 76 –  Strikes sections 206 and 207 relating to N number restrictions – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 64
N 329

Perry (R-PA) – Amendment No. 77 – Strikes the telework provisions in the underlying bill and applies the SHOW UP Act (HR 139) telework restrictions to the FAA – VOTE REQUESTED

Vote Requested
Y 195
N 226

WILL NOT BE OFFERED Wexton (D-VA) – Amendment No. 98 –  Directs the FAA, in collaboration with the exclusive bargaining representative of air traffic controllers, to develop and submit to Congress a plan to test and evaluate space-based ADS-B technology within U.S. airspace or international airspace delegated to the U.S. for air traffic control, air traffic flow management, search and rescue, and accident investigation